IES La Orden stumbles before playing the pass to the European Club medals | Huelva24

The IES La Orden stumbles before playing the pass to the European Club medals. This Friday they will look for the pass to the semifinals in the quarterfinals and will reach this duel after losing by a clear 0-5 against UKS Hubal Bialystock from Poland.

The club from Huelva will advance to the quarterfinals of the European Club Championship as second in the group after being defeated 0-5 by Polish side UKS Hubal Bialystok. The local team has been superior to the albiazul team and has emerged as the main rival to beat within the group.

The team from Huelva has suffered the loss of Pablo Abián, present in Oran to play the Mediterranean Games, where he has managed to revalidate the gold after beating Kike Peñalver in the final. The albiazules will not be able to count on Abián tomorrow either, as there are no flights available to travel to Bialystok.

Despite today’s defeat, IES La Orden has managed to meet its first goal of qualifying for the quarterfinals. This afternoon, after the draw was made, the people from Huelva will meet their next rival in the European competition with their goal already set for the semi-finals.



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