“I went to train drunk at Real Madrid, I drank coffee to get rid of the smell and put perfume on myself” | International Soccer

Cicinho was a Brazilian player who for the 2006 season reached Real Madrid to defend the colors of the white team that at that time was called the galácticos, due to the large number of figures that were there.

However, the South American could not shine and ended up relegated to the background. And in an interview Cicinho confessed his problems beyond the pitch.

“If you ask me if I’ve ever gone to training drunk with Real Madrid, I did. I drank coffee to take my breath away and showered myself with perfume. In my profession, as a professional footballer, it was easy. I didn’t need money to get a drink, people made me happy in restaurants”, said Cicinho, in an interview with ‘EPTV’.

The former winger recognized that since he was a child he picked up the vice of drinking alcohol. “When I was 13 years old, it was when I tried alcohol for the first time, and I never stopped. I lived in the countryside, and on weekends we met with friends and went out to the squares, discos. I asked adults to go to buy and drank secretly from my parents and the police, “he added.

The man who went through clubs like Sao Paulo, Botafogo, Rome and Villarreal, among others, also commented that “alcohol surrounds you with people who like that lifestyle, and people who really love you are excluded. When they hit a wall and tell you it’s not right, you don’t want to hear it. I have a 15-year-old son and I’m always apologizing to him. At the time he was two years old and even he didn’t understand well, but in my head that stayed Recorded”.

Quite a testimony of Cicinho’s life, who was part of the players who led a messy life and who now recognize their past mistakes.



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