I followed live and minute by minute the match for the fourth date of the Professional League

River presented a change of scheme in Santa Fe: 4-1-3-2, with Enzo Pérez on five, ahead Enzo Fernández, Paradela and De la Cruz on his sides and Braian with Julián on the points, something that the fans had been demanding for a long time. The start of the match was quite intense.. Union with the clear position of pressing in the rival field and not letting River breathewhile the Millionaire tried to get on his feet to accommodate himself in the match, with a very shifty Álvarez.

At 16′, the Millionaire commanded a counterattack in a great way and went up on the scoreboard. Romero dropped a difficult ball in the middle of the court, Álvarez faced in speed, hooked and took some more time to filter for Romero himself, who defined soft before Mele’s departure to score River’s first goal in the championship and get the scoff.

From the goal, River began to impose conditions on the game, with an Álvarez unleashed and constantly pivoting and having a lot of influence in the generation of attacks. But Unión was not far behind and at 25′ he almost equalized with a shot from Machuca (a slip by Elías Gómez made him free) that Armani covered with a great reaction and later a header from Peralta Bauer that hit the crossbar.

For the last stretch of the first half, the procedure was even and it also became quite hot, because the referee Echavarría began to make mistakes in some mistakes that generated a lot of disagreement in River. The Millionaire no longer attacked with such enthusiasm but he was in charge of preventing the Tatengue from growing with the ball.

The start of the second half and again it became intense with the passing of the minutes. Unión dominating the ball and River more focused on containing it and playing counterattack with Paradela or Romero shooting at speed. At 15′, Millo managed to be effective in a goat game and went 2-0, with a wonderful assist from Álvarez for Enzo Fernández to control and puncture goalkeeper Mele.

Despite winning, the Greatest could not avoid suffering, because Herrera’s back (from a weak match) was the main path chosen by Unión to hurt with dangerous overflows from Zenon and crosses into the area. Armani responded tremendously at 24′ to drown out Luna Diale’s cry after a play that originated behind River’s right back.

And all the goals missed in the first three dates were accumulated and materialized in this match. In another good moment of Union, River hurt again and settled the game. Like almost never in the year, he was effective and hit when he had to. Filtered ball by Enzo Fernández that, helped by a deflection, was left to Julián who calmly defined before Mele’s bailout to make it 3-0. Another consecrating night of the Spider.


RIVER PLATE (4-4-2): 1-Franco Armani; 23-Emanuel Mammana, 14-Leandro Gonzalez Perez, 6-David Martinez, 29-Elijah Gomez; 24-Enzo Perez, 13-Enzo Fernandez, 26-Jose Paradela, 11-Nicholas De La Cruz; 19-Brian Rosemary, 9-Julian Alvarez. DT: Marcelo Gallardo.

alternates33. Ezekiel Centurion, 4. Jonathan Maidana, 22. Javier Pinola, 15. Andres Herrera, 5. Bruno Zuculini, 10. Juan Fernando Quintero, 32. Thomas Pochettino, 8. Augustine Palavecino, 31. Santiago Simon, 27. Christian Blacksmith and 21- Esequiel Ship.

UNION (4-4-2): 77-James Body; 16-Federico Vera, 2-Franco Calderon, 23-Diego Polenta, 3-Claudio Corvalan; 30-John Ignatius Nardoni, 39-Imanol Machuca, 8-Enzo Roldan, 34-Kevin Zenon; 7-Mauro Luna Diale, 9-Mariano Peralta Bauer. DT: Gustavo Munua.


Hour: 18.00

Estadio: April 15

Referee: Pablo Echavarria

assistants: Cristian Navarro and Marcelo Biscotto

Fourth referee: Fabricio Llobet

TV: ESPN Premium




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