Hundreds of children enjoy Club Naco Camp

The board of directors Naco Sports Club qualified as “resounding success” the celebration this year of the Summer Camp where hundreds of children and young people are meeting to recreate in the different sports disciplines in the entity’s facilities, in charge of renowned technicians and trainers.

The president of the Board of Directors, the immortal of Sport, Mario Alvarez-Sotospeaking on behalf of the Board and all the partners, stated that the Naqueña family is having great experiences with this 2022 summer camp.

«Every week more than 130 children and young people are meeting, distributed in the sports of Chess, Basketball, Soccer, Gymnastics, Judo, Karate, Swimming, Tennis, Table Tennis and Volleyball, among others and it is nice to see how they enjoy their camp,” exclaimed Alvarez Soto.

Girls share in the Swimming discipline

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And he added: “This is a sports party where the club has a great sports activity throughout the country.” To register participants, you can call the Sports office at 809-565-6602, extension 1242.

He explained that the coaches and assistants of the different sports disciplines have a high degree of professionalism, both in the management of their sports disciplines and in the management of children and youth.

While the Director of Sports, Manuel de Jesús Díaz Coronado, stressed that Club Deportivo Naco has been developing its 2022 Summer Camp with great success. It began on Monday, June 6, and will continue until Friday, July 29.

He said that in the Campamentistas they have different options to recreate, share and learn from the different sports disciplines.

The activities are taking place between 8:30 am. and 12:30 pm in the different facilities of the Club. And prior to each day, time is dedicated to collective recreation, taught by the team of trainers and assistants, always with the support of a support staff, made up of young children of members. They also receive a balanced snack in the middle of the day.

The Campamentistas have the option of changing the sports discipline per week, they also have half a session on Wednesdays to share in the pools and on Friday they have the showing of a movie in the Cinema-Theater.

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