Huayhuameza: “Participating in the Olympic Games is a dream that I want to fulfill”

The Peruvian judoka, Noemí Huayhuameza, commented exclusively for about her participation in the Valledupar Bolivarian Games, where she aims to appear on the podium and also expressed her desire to be in the Paris Olympics.

Our compatriot gave details of the experience she was able to have in the I Junior Pan American Games: “For me it was a great honor to be able to be the flag bearer of the past Junior Pan American Games, which was a merit of my effort for which I obtained this achievement, which I was able to share it with a great like Ángelo Caro”.

“Today I will travel to the Valledupar Bolivarian Games with my judo delegation alongside my teammates. My perspective in this event is to be on the podium. I have worked very hard and I know that I can achieve the gold medal. Say to all our followers who are watching us through the networks and who do not stop supporting us because we are committed to giving our best,” said Huyhuameza.

The athlete also mentioned the lack of information given by the media on multi-sport athletes: “We as multi-sport athletes ask the media to provide more information on the different disciplines in the country, because it has been seen that the athletes have achieved great triumphs and have become a source of pride for Peru”.

Noemí Huayhuameza concluded by saying that it would be a dream come true for her to be able to participate in the Olympic Games: “Being in the Olympic Games is one of my greatest dreams, I know it is not an easy road and apart from that I am very young, but with perseverance, sacrifice and above all perseverance I will be able to achieve the goal I have set for myself. I have the support of my coaches and my federation and I feel very confident with the work I have been doing and I will continue to give my all to be able to reach to Paris”.



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