HSV striker Robert Glatzel: “I gave up money for my dream” – 2nd Bundesliga

“Good food, good beds, good seats: you don’t need more. We’re here to step on the gas.”

Robert Glatzel (28) knows what’s important when it’s 30 degrees in the shade during the HSV training camp in Bad Loipersdorf.

But Hamburg’s top center forward (22 goals last season) almost didn’t get involved in Styria. Because: Glatzel almost ended up at Bundesliga promoted Schalke.

Hamburg’s No. 9 explains the reasons why he stayed and extended his contract early until 2025. “While on vacation, I thought about it together with my family. In the end, a lot more spoke for HSV: the great trust in the coach. Being a regular player at a top club. To have the chance to get promoted and then play in the Bundesliga with a club like that. We feel right at home here as a family. I have the feeling that everything fits here in Hamburg.”

Glatzel also explains: “I had the feeling that it was much more worth playing with the HSV Bundesliga than when moving to another club.”

Glatzel earns less at HSV than at Schalke

The clipper: “In any case, I gave up money for my dream. It was a heart decision. I know that in the end I will win a lot more than lose.”



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