How to face the summer holidays in basketball players, by ITW Sport

Holiday seasons are a great opportunity for athletes to improve their skills on the field. In order to develop a specialized program, the training campus ITW Sport implemented a preparation space so that the basketball players they can face the summer holidays with an internship focused on improving technical aspects and at the same time enjoying their free time.

How important is training on vacation?

When the body gets used to having a daily sports routine, it should not be stopped instantly, since the body is a system of habits and by suddenly eliminating an activity, the physical structure is destabilized. Given that the summer holidays are just around the corner, which for many means a few weeks off, for basketball players it is an opportunity to invest time in their physical, technical and tactical training.

Specifically, a day or two of rest after the season is over is sufficient for muscle recovery, but the problem begins to be noticed when the weeks go by and no training is done. Cardiorespiratory performance decreases, physical fitness is affected, as well as the progress achieved during the previous months. After a whole month, muscle capacity is reduced while fat is being generated, which is a problem when resuming training.

Summer program with ITW Sport

To eliminate the problems of reducing training during the holiday season, ITW Sport has created a structured program for different ages, which promotes the transformation of their approach to the game, with evident results on the track. Therefore, the minor and intermediate groups are taught how to implement the basic principles of basketball, through technical and tactical training, the method is also applied ITW to improve shooting mechanics successfully.

They also apply complementary work adapted to the level, such as workout functional for wrist correctionmovement on the field and off it, they provide progress statistics, as well as videos of the observation of the game, so that the athlete can know their weaknesses and improve them.

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In short, vacation training is a necessity for athletes who really take their future as a professional seriously, so ITW Sport makes the summer campus available to learn and improve. On their website there is more information about the training, as well as important details to take into account.



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