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[Epoch Times, June 22, 2022](Epoch Times reporter Lin Yishan Hong Kong comprehensive report) The Centre for Health Protection announced on the 21st that there were 1,198 new confirmed cases, including 1,076 local infections and 122 imported cases. In addition, no new patients died.

The CHP recorded 177 positive cases reported by schools on the 21st, from 144 schools, including 30 kindergartens, 75 primary schools and 71 secondary schools. Of those, 97 tested positive yesterday, involving 143 students and 34 staff.In the past 7 days, 45 schools had 2 or more cases, most of them were 2 cases, and the relevant classes of 2 schools had to be suspended

An outbreak occurred at St. Francis Xavier’s Secondary School in Tsuen Wan, and it is believed that students infect each other during exercise. The basketball team has a total of 17 S1 to S3 students, of which 7 are temporarily infected. They participated in training on June 17. There are 14 students from Form 1 to Form 5 in the Muay Thai class. Among them, 3 students and 1 teacher are temporarily infected with the virus. The basketball players and students of the Muay Thai class have to suspend classes.

Four of the 34 students in Class 2C of Wuyi Situ Ho Middle School in Kwun Tong were infected with the virus; among the 20 students in Class 5Y of St. Stephen’s College, 3 had been infected earlier, and 2 more students and 1 were added yesterday. A teacher and a family member of a student who tested positive have tested positive.

Four primary school students suspected of being infected with BA.2.12.1

As for the variant virus, 14 new suspected BA.2.12.1 local cases were reported. The Centre for Health Protection announced on the 20th that four students from the Christian Church of China Keiwan Primary School (Aidiewan) had tested positive. The other students did not have the results of genetic analysis and were suspected to be infected with BA.2.12.1 as well.

Another BA.2.12.1 patient lives in Lexin Building, Lung Hang Village, Tai Wai, which is related to the confirmed case of the transportation infrastructure management contract company earlier. Two of the patient’s family members were also diagnosed, and a total of 9 people in this group were infected. The other 2 new patients are family members of known cases, living in Hoi Lai Village and Block 5 Bi Haitian respectively. For the cases of unknown origin, one person works at Fubon Building in Chatham Road North; another family of three lives in Tung Lai House, Tung Hsu Court, Aldrich Bay.

In terms of residential buildings, 1 new employee of Renji Hospital’s Yijin Alumni Association Nursing and Attention Home was infected with the virus. On the last day of work on June 18, the rapid test was positive on June 20, and 6 residents were listed as close contacts. , need to quarantine.

In public hospitals, 509 confirmed patients are currently hospitalized, including 79 new patients. A total of 14 patients are currently in critical condition, 11 are in serious condition, 2 are in intensive care units, and 54 patients have recovered and been discharged.

When asked whether the entry measures for Macao visitors would be tightened, Zhang Zhujun, director of the Infectious Diseases Division of the Center for Health Protection, responded that the authorities are concerned about the epidemic situation in Macao, and Hong Kong may adjust the entry measures for Macao visitors.

A total of 768,394 positive nucleic acid test cases and 456,815 rapid antigen test positive cases have been reported in Hong Kong so far, with a total of 9,396 deaths.

The tenth enclosure of Yuehu Villa

In addition, the government designated Block 10 of Yuehu Villa, Tuen Mun, as a “restricted area” from 5:00 pm yesterday, requiring people to undergo compulsory testing before 11:00 pm. The government aims to complete the operation at about 11:00 noon on the 22nd. .

In the “restricted area”, people who have tested positive in the past 14 days will not need to be tested. Anyone who has been in the above-mentioned buildings for more than two hours between June 15 and 21, even if they were not in the “restricted area” when the “relevant declaration” came into effect, must be subject to mandatory enforcement on or before June 23 detection. ◇

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