Honduras climbs positions in the FIFA ranking and Mexico falls from the ‘Top 10’; Argentina seeks to topple leader Brazil


They have not been the best months for Honduran national team. The Bicolor had a disastrous participation in the Concacaf Octagonal that left it out of the Qatar World Cup and fell apart in the official FIFA ranking.

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The ‘H’ was in the post 82but this Thursday the highest soccer body published the new listing and now the team he leads Diego Vázquez climbed two positions and is in the 80 with 1299.69 points.

Thanks to the wins against Curacao (the first) and about Canada in the Olympic Stadium for the League of Nations, Honduras climbed two steps, but is still below squads like the one in The Savior y Jamaica.

From the Concacaf area no selection appears in the top ten anymore. Mexico dropped three places and now is in 12, USA in the 14, Costa Rica in 34, Canada in 43, Panama in 61, Jamaica in 62 and The Savior in 71

the first places

Brazilwho dethroned Belgium in the March classification, revalidates its first world position, according to the new ranking, while Francecurrent world champion, falls from the podium to fourth position, surpassed by Argentina.

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Five months before the World Cup in Qatar (November 21 to December 18), the ‘Canarinha’ (1837.56 points) increases the difference with the Belgians (1821.92 points), who had dominated between October 2018 and March 2022.

The Argentine national team Leo Messicurrent champion of the Copa América and victorious in June in the “Finalissima” against Italia, jumps to the third step of the podium with 1770.65 points. This advance of the Albiceleste benefits from the fall of the French, after a difficult month of June.

OFFICIAL: Honduras climbs positions in the FIFA ranking and Mexico falls from the 'Top 10';  Argentina seeks to topple leader Brazil

The team led by Didier Deschamps he has not won any of his four UEFA Nations League games during the June international window and has 1764.85 points.

As we mentioned earlier, the other main change in the ‘Top 10’ is the drop of three positions from Mexicowhich now ranks 12th. This allows Denmark climb to position 10, ahead of Germany 11. England takes over the 5th place, spain from 6, Italia from place 7, Netherlands of the 8 and the Portugal of Cristiano Ronaldo from 9.



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