Holger Rune justifies his behavior and draws a Federer comparison

Tennis teen Rune (19) justifies herself after a scandal

“Federer was 40 times worse than me”

In addition to his brilliant sporting achievements, Holger Rune always causes heads to shake. The Dane believes he still has enough time to change and dares a comparison with Roger Federer.

Published: 52 minutes ago


Updated: 46 minutes ago

In the slipstream of Carlos Alcaraz (ATP 7), Holger Rune (ATP 29) causes a sensation as another shooting star on the ATP tour! The Dane not only fills the gazettes with positive headlines. At the French Open, Rune also caused a lot of conversation apart from the sporting side. Now he compares his behavior to that of young Roger Federer.

In the quarter-finals, Rune played a sensational game with Caspar Ruud. Individual verbal tidbits were already exchanged on the court, and Rune caused a shake of the head with his cold and brief handshake. Then it should have come to a scandal in the cabin. Allegations of unsportsmanlike jubilation came from the Rune camp, Ruuds said the 19-year-old was spreading false statements.



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