History(ies) of the Draft | Muggsy Bogues proud to have been a pioneer

The Charlotte Coliseum began to roar. The enthusiasm of the home crowd was on display when Michael Jordan found himself playing his one-on-one against the smallest player on the court, Muggsy Bogues. “His Airness” wanted to push his opponent into the post but the latter managed to touch the ball when the Bulls star tried to trigger his shot. The good defense of the leader of the Hornets was not rewarded since a ” illegal defense was hissed.

« It was clearly a clean interception. Jordan was trashtalking a bit, saying he was gonna back me off, so I told him to come over “, did not forget Muggsy Bogues, for the Guardian, who was then playing the inaugural meeting of this first round of the 1995 playoffs against the Bulls and his “returning”, out of retirement.

This action was one of the highlights of the rich career of this playmaker, mainly known for his height: 1m60, the smallest player to have ever played in the big league. This is to say the bet of the Washington Bullets at the time to draft him in 12th position, just behind Reggie Miller.

« Each year brings back these feelings. Draft night was a very special time for me, for my family, for Baltimore. (sa ville natale). Everything started to shake when I heard my name. The weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders “, Book 35 years after the person concerned, who came out of a full university course in Wake Forest, where Chris Paul also passed.

His small size did not prevent him from enjoying a long life in the league, with 14 seasons (1987-2011), the majority of which as the starting point guard for the Hornets. With career averages of around 8 points and 8 assists per game, including a peak for the 1993/94 season, which ended in double-doubles (10 and 10).

Stephen Curry influenced by size

Above all, his centimeter deficit allowed him to make a name for himself more quickly than the others and to be very popular among the fans.

« People 30 and older may have seen my basketball. But under 30, it’s Space Jam. The point guard was not just an attraction to the general public, he was a real good basketball player capable of displaying one of the best ratios “assists / lost balls” in history, with Chris Paul precisely .

« I am proud to have taken care of the ball, to have ensured that we had more chances to score. As a playmaker, it’s your responsibility to take care of the ball “explains the native of Baltimore who has long been the record holder for matches finished with ten assists without losing the leather once. For him, the aspect the coolest “was from” changing kids’ perspectives ».

A feeling all the stronger that a certain Stephen Curry was one of these kids.

« When you’re a kid, you say to yourself: ‘Okay, he’s 1m60. How long until I’m 5’6 and can play in the NBA?‘” the Warriors superstar recalled wondering in an introduction to the memoir of the former Hornets point guard. The shooter has climbed a little higher, to 1m88.



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