Hirson – Alexis Bonneterre becomes regional judo referee

This Sunday took place in Abbeville the Hauts-de-France Cup for color belts in the cadet/junior/senior category. It was also the support for the evaluations at the regional level of the stewards as well as the referees. The Judo Club Hirsonnais presented a referee in the person of Alexis Bonneterre.

Alexis had been preparing for this exam for a long time with all the seriousness and rigor that characterizes him, carefully following the valuable advice of the experienced referees who accompanied him throughout the day. At the end of this day, this young sportsman from Hirson was received. He is now a regional referee for Hauts-de-France (Aisne – Oise – Somme – Nord and Pas de Calais).

These beginnings in arbitration he made with Patrick Duchesne, National Arbitrator and trainer at the Departmental School of Arbitration of Aisne. He has always followed the courses diligently and has always been very involved during these beginnings, respecting 100% the invitations to arbitrate at the departmental level.

From next season he will integrate the big schedule of regional competitions.

To date, the Judo Club Hirsonnais has among its licensees two national referees with Daniel Liénard and Patrick Duchesne, a regional referee with Alexis Bonneterre and a regional sports commissioner with Christelle Bonneterre.

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