Highlights the Central Region of Coahuila

More of mil 500 sportsmen and 180 coaches from across the state of Coahuilawere present at the State School Sports Games for Basic Education, which took place on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday in the Lagunera region, and where the Central Region of Coahuilahad outstanding performance.

It was Professor Andrés Vázquez Arroyo, the general coordinator of the central region and Professor Félix Alejandro, who made the above known to is truth newspaper La Voz de Monclova, of the results of the secondary is region.

Thanks to the support of coaches and parents, who made the maximum effort so that their children were in is state competition in the Pearl of the Lagoon remembering that the last edition of the School Games was two years ago, when the damn pandemic arrived. Since yesterday, the children and young people have returned to the classroom and have resumed the activities that are part of their comprehensive development, but they thanked their parents and coaches for their support in joining the participating teams, and lived is pleasant experience.

In these National State Games of Basic Education, athletics, chess, basketball, badminton, baseball, soccer, handball, taekwondo and volleyball disciplines were present.


In Women’s Volleyball 1st place Venustiano Carranza Cuatro Ciénegas High School

Men’s Volleyball 2nd. place Instituto Inmagusa de Castaños.

Men’s Basketball 3rd place Colegio La Salle.

Women’s Soccer 3rd place Technical Secondary School 29 of Monclova.

Men’s Soccer 1st place High School Carlos Espinoza Romero TM

In Baseball 4th place Technical High School 39 de Estancias.

Men’s chess, 2nd place Maria Montessori and 3rd Inmagusa Institute.

Athletics 1st place Inmagusa, María Montessori and Carlos Espinoza.

Salto 3rd place Technical High School 39.

Women’s Relay, 4 X100 3rd place Carlos Espinoza Romero, also 100 and 200 men 1st place, in 800 meters men 3rd place.

Also selections from the secondary schools of the Central Region, triumphed in Men’s and Women’s discus throw, in Exatlon 2nd place in men’s and 1st in Women’s.

It was in the gymnasium of the Sports Unit of Torreón, where some disciplines were carried out, being present at the ceremony, Alina Garza Herrera, General Director of the State Institute of deporte of Coahuila (INEDEC); Antonio Gutiérrez Jardón, federal deputy, and Jorge Alberto Salcido, Undersecretary of Basic Education, among other state and municipal officials, athletes and parents.



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