Hessian Broadcasting at the ID Judo Team in Mühlheim

ID Judoka of the Budo Club Mühlheim operate one of “Hesse’s hottest hobbies” – Maintower broadcast of the Hessian radio on the judo mat

There they were at once.
She, Mandana Bareh Foroush, moderator of the Maintower program from the Hessian Broadcasting Corporation, and her editorial and camera team on the judo mat of the Budo Club Mühlheim.
The Mühlheimer ID judoka (judoka with a mental and/or multiple handicap) had applied to Maintower under the topic “Hesse’s hottest hobby”.
For the ID judoka it is clear.
They have the hottest hobby in Hesse and the moderator Mandana felt that on the judo mat.
No sweat, no gain – or sweating for a great TV report.

The ID judoka trained with the reporter Mandana and were very enthusiastic about their rapid athletic progress.
Mandana was enthusiastic about the great reception, she immediately belonged and about practicing together.

It got exciting at the end of the four-hour training sessions, which were led by Peter Wiegand and Thomas Hofmann.
The training was broadcast live on the TV show. The content and time requirements were met with great concentration.

The result – An impressive film about and with the ID judoka of the Budo Club Mühlheim with their inclusive approach.

The judo team of the Budo Club Mühlheim with the HR reporter team

Text: Thomas Hofmann
Photo: Helga Hofmann

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