Hernan Galindez asked to leave the University of Chile due to threats after the Byron Castillo case | Other Soccer Leagues

Great controversy in Chilean territory. The Ecuadorian international goalkeeper Hernan Galindez has asked his club, the University of Chileto free him to be able to leave the country after his life has changed radically after the denunciation of Chile contra Ecuador on the FIFA for him “byron castle case“.

Galíndez has denounced threats and harassment of himself and his family, harassment that does not even allow him to go to the supermarket. A situation that was admitted this Friday by both the sports manager of the entity, Manuel May; like the coach, Diego Lopezwho say they have the player but are open to the option of transferring him only if a good offer arrives.

We have been in permanent contact with him and his people, and he has received some harassing messages. He is happy at the club, he has been an important and very important part for us. we count on him“, he assured.

He is uneasy, because his family has felt that way, but as a club we have given him the relevant help. Like any club player with a current contract, we receive offers, we analyze them. We have him, but we are open to listening to offers. He has asked us to at least evaluate it“, he claimed.

López expressed himself along the same lines, revealing that he had an “important conversation” with the goalkeeper because “it is not a normal situation”. “Quality players are always important. If he stays, it’s important for the team. In the previous game he was not, and we seek to protect the situation. He is training differently, so he will not be in the Chilean cup match on Monday“, revealed.

Right now we have Campos and we don’t have Galindez. When we have both, you will see what my decision is. I want to have two right-backs who fight for the position every day,” he said.

Last year he joined the ranks of the University of Chile in exchange for 600,000 euros, according to the specialized website Tansfermarket. “It doesn’t have an exit clause, so I can’t say a specific amount. We will discuss any offer that arrives with the board if it seems good to the club and it is acceptable about the evaluation we have of a player of Hernán’s quality”, explained the coach about the possible departure of the goalkeeper.

“If there are no offers, he has told me that he wants to stay. He has been comfortable, he is very happy at the club,” he added.



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