here are our picks between places 1 and 15!

The NBA Draft is in just two days and like every year, we’re going to our house Mock Draft. It has become a small tradition at TrashTalk and traditions are respected. So we’re off to an XXL aperitif concerning the Top 15 of the next Draft. Let’s go!

Right here, the link supposed to accompany absolutely all your days

Who will be chosen number 1? What will the Kings do with their fourth draft pick? What about Oklahoma City? Will the Blazers trade their pick? So many questions that are at the heart of the 2022 NBA Draft. Existential questions that we have therefore decided to answer via the Mock Draft version TrashTalk, in which you will find a lot of little surprises. The principle is simple: pick by pick, from the first choice to the middle of the first round, we position ourselves to show you exclusively how the big evening on Thursday will unfold. In the end, it gives nearly two hours of picks and hexpertise, all in joy and good humor. Frankly, there’s enough to spend a nice little evening.

Good program to all, and do not hesitate to give us your opinion of Hexpert on the projections discussed! Your personal Top 15, what does it look like at home?



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