Hendra/Ahsan Set High Targets at Malaysia Open 2022


Hendra Setiawan/Mohammad Ahsan are targeting to enter the semifinals at the Malaysia Open 2022. This target was conveyed by Ahsan because he saw the current conditions and situation with Hendra.

As is known, Ahsan and Hendra have undergone training after being quickly eliminated in the last 16 of the Indonesia Masters and the last 32 of the Indonesia Open which were held at Istora Gelora Bung Karno (GBK) this month.

“The target is there (semi-finals). We have also started training this week, so hopefully it will be kept away from injury,” Ahsan said to detikSport(Wednesday (22/6/2022).

The target of reaching the semifinals in the tournament may be set by The Daddies to secure their position in the world’s top three, considering that they have only dropped one place to third, as a result of the results at the Thailand Open in May. At that time, the 2019 All England champion was stopped in the quarterfinals.

Both of them have also not been able to return their position to second place following their recent appearance in Indonesia.

“Yes, look at the conditions and the situation as well. Indeed, our target is the semifinals, but for example we have reached the semifinals when we are satisfied, right? Actually, we are slowly advancing one by one,” he said.

At the Malaysia Open which took place 28 June – 3 July, Hendra/Ahsan were in the second from bottom. According to the draw, in the first round, they will meet the Chinese pair Tan Qiang/Ren Xiang Yu.

The last meeting of the two was presented at the 2022 Asian Championship. At that time, Hendra / Ahsan lost two straight games to the world number 136 pair 9-21, 15-21.

If successful, they have the opportunity to meet Bagas Maulana/Muhammad Shohibul Fikri in the semifinals. With the record of the 2022 All England champions, they managed to beat their opponents in the early rounds.

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