Heavy accusations against Kyrie Irving

If he finally decided to stay in Brooklyn next year, Kyrie Irving is not yet out of the woods. Indeed, the NBA champion sees himself under serious accusations from a famous analyst. In question, a behavior even more execrable than expected with its frankness.

Definitely, Kyrie Irving will have been in the news throughout the 2021-22 season with the Nets, but not really for good reasons. More recently, he came close to becoming the biggest deal of the offseason, with his franchise declaring him available for trade after negotiations for his new contract broke down. Finally, he decided to activate his player option for 2022-23, wishing to try again to seek the title with the New York superteam.

On the other hand, this does not mean that the drama around the leader ended at the same time. On the contrary, Brian Windhorst has come to add a little more fuel to the fire about him, and it could turn into a real blaze. According to analystESPN, Kai would have been guilty of bad treatment towards everyone among blacks and whites. Something that its leaders absolutely do not want to relive next year:

Kyrie author of mistreatment of his teammates?

Owner Joe Tsai and general manager Sean Marks have been clear: the status quo of last season is not acceptable. It was not just about the vaccination mandate. It was about the way Kyrie Irving treated his teammates, the way Kyrie Irving treated his coaches.

This is clear from the front office, and Uncle Drew would therefore have had a really questionable behavior vis-à-vis his people. However, Windhorst goes even further:

Part of this renegotiation was not only going to be about a contract extension, but also about how he operated within the team. The team gave Irving all that blackmail ability by the way it operated for the past three years. Kyrie just said “I’m taking my option, see you in the fall”. That’s not what has to happen here.

According to the journalist, the 2016 champion must completely rethink his way of seeing things in the New York megalopolis, if he really wants to stay in the long term. He only has a few months for that… Otherwise, a trade from #11 should still be relevant:

If the Nets come back in the fall and the status quo is still on with him, and he doesn’t want to change his approach, then I think we’re not done hearing about his case.

Did Kyrie Irving treat his teammates and coaching staff badly at the Nets? In any case, that is what Brian Windhorst suggests. If this is confirmed, the reputation of the player risks plunging a little more into the abyss…



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