He doesn’t go home much until his ID fails. What does the legendary Bomber do?

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After a break from the covid, football started again at a rapid pace and he organizes camps for football enthusiasts in Italy. He doesn’t know where to jump first. However, there is not much going home to the Czech Republic.

“People are fake, I’m glad I’m calm,” says Tomáš Skuhravý, a star in world football in the early 1990s.

For List News, in one of the few interviews he gave, he described how he now lives.

The hero of the 1990 World Cup in Italy, where he scored five goals and was the best gunner of the championship after the home star Salvator Schillacim, he was one of the greatest personalities of Czechoslovak football at the turn of the millennium. Even the whole nation: He was rightly included in the gallery of the most prominent personalities in the series of television medallions Gen.

Recently, however, he has disappeared from the Czech scene. He does not comment on current events, he did not come to the meeting of the Club of Club Gunners in Kroměříž, among which he has a firm place with 133 hits in the Czechoslovak and Italian leagues.

The captain will call

He also did not report to friends and former colleagues. “It’s hard with Tomáš,” lamented the Spartan legend Jan Berger, captain of the Czech team over the age of 35 and the old guard of Sparta Prague. “He’s still changing his phone or he won’t answer, I don’t know what’s wrong with him,” he sued his charge. “At the same time, a lot of events are taking place now, he promised that he would be available and he will help me a lot in the discussions,” he revealed the commitment of his younger colleague.

I was at home two months ago, my ID failed, I had to pick up a new one.

Tomáš Skuhravý

The famous Bomber, as his nickname for his ability to destroy his opponent’s defenses was, does not question his promise to Jan Berger. “As soon as Honzík calls me and invites me to the match, I go immediately. It’s almost a duty for me. I keep fit, I move, I can’t get fat, “Skuhravý said earlier.

Football legends – Tomáš Skuhravý

List News in the free series features football legends. What do the stars of football pitches of past years do and live today?

Tomas Skuhravy and Rubinho, legends of Italian Genoa.

Tomáš Skuhravý

Born on September 7, 1965 in Přerov nad Labem

TJ Sokol Přerov nad Labem (1975–1980), Sparta Prague (1980–1984), RH Cheb (1984–1986), Sparta Prague (1986–1990), FC Genoa / Italy (1990–1995), Sporting Lisbon / Portugal ( 1995–1996), Viktoria Žižkov (1996–1997)

Representation of Czechoslovakia: 1985–1993 (43/14)

Czech national team: 1994–1994 (6/3)

1990 World Cup quarterfinals in Italy, with five goals second best scorer, best scorer of the Czech league (15 goals), 5 × champion of the Czechoslovak league (1984, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990)

He did not forget his friends, only now various similar rather festive events were not a priority for him. “I have a lot of work, no time,” he emphasizes. “But I’m sure I’ll contact Honzík that I’m fine and he can call my number at any time,” he assures.

Bomber camps

For FC Genoa, where he shone and is still the best scorer of the club in history, but also within his own business he organizes camps for those interested in Italy. They bear his name – Bomber. “Anti-anti-victim measures have ended when football is not played, we have to work,” explains Skuhravý. Covid interrupted these activities and damaged them a lot, but not his health. “Everyone around was falling, I avoided it,” he says.

Now he’s catching up on what he missed. “We have contracted a lot of actions, commitments need to be met,” he realizes. It takes 50 to 80 people to the camps, and manages a large number by breaking them down after a week and thus filling the whole month in one shift. And during the next summer break. The interest is that he quite limited the trips across the ocean to the USA, where he also organized camps.

This includes other commitments, such as a meeting with rock fans (called tifosi in Italy) of FC Genoa. “I had a discussion with them just last week, there were so many of them that they were sitting in the Luigi Ferrarise stadium,” he describes the touching loyalty of the fans to the club’s legends.

His colleague from the attack, Uruguayan representative Carlos Aguilera, was also present, and he formed a dreaded pair with him. “But other players from our era, we stick together,” Skuhravý demonstrates maintained friendships.

At home for a citizen

In his time, one of the best paid Czech footballers went through a rather explosive development in his career and especially in his personal life. He tried to save money in real estate – for example, he owned the Bomber boarding house in his native Přerov nad Labem, which he then transferred to his father, and invested in various ways.

He also tried to stay with football as a sports manager, he held this position for some time in the Central Bohemian club FK Příbram. “But these former players find it difficult to realize that such work is not as simple as they imagine it to be,” explains Josef Hadraba, who has spent his entire life with Příbram football.

Skuhravý did not do well in the financial field either, he lost a significant part of his savings. And a few of his footsteps stepped aside. Poor lifestyle, alcohol, bohemian life and love of fast bikes recorded his name in police records, which documented driving under the influence of addictive substances (alcohol), which caused several crashes.

There were also more serious allegations – complicity in the organized illegal transport of expensive cars abroad. In 2012, he also stood before a court, which imposed a two-year test with a condition of four years. “I won’t comment on that anymore,” he wants to push the bad deeds out of his head as much as possible.

And he fundamentally rejects the rumor that he does not go home to the Czech Republic because he is afraid of further clashes with the police authorities and would have to explain something again. “Who says that? What is this nonsense? ”He asks. “I was at home two months ago, my ID failed, I had to pick up a new one,” he says of a common misery he had to deal with. “Let everyone take care of themselves, I want to have my peace,” he says.

He didn’t wear a red and white jersey

However, he does not hesitate to open the door to one secret room and willingly describes how it was with the courtship of Slavia Prague. He Spartan legend, who wrote the Chronicle of the Letna Club in golden letters, had a short distance from his engagement to the irreconcilable rival.

“I don’t think much of it, but it was,” he admits. “Slavia won the title in 1996, I just finished abroad, coach František Cipro attracted me,” he goes back a quarter of a century. “But the knee was already bad, to take someone’s place, just because I’m Skuhravy, it wouldn’t be worth it,” there was a logical reason for the refusal.

At the same time, it reveals another circumstance that was not very noticeable in the top form – it has one leg that is quite significantly shorter. Therefore, during normal walking, lame, improved football boots do not compensate for the difference in centimeters.

In 1996, his career was drawing to a close. “I did not go to Slavia and I do not regret it. I’m a Spartan for life, “emphasizes Skuhravý.

But now he has connected his life with Italy. With a country where he has won the undying glory and admiration of fans not only Genoa. In a country that will always open his arms to him, how he will be in any life situation.

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