Hanshin drew with Hiroshima and retreated to 5th place. In June, Koji Chikamoto, an outfielder (27), struck a tie in a timely manner from 2-3 in the 9th inning with 2 deaths. I brought it to the extension with a smashing award for two consecutive races. He hit 20 games in a row and had a batting average of 30%. The team has 9 losses and 2 draws in Hiroshima since the opening. The team’s worst 11 games with the same card since the opening was the worst, and it was 15 games behind the leader Yakult, exceeding the “dangerous waters” for the reversal. The player’s chairman, who has been hitting the most hits for the second consecutive year, will return to Koshien and expect a counterattack.

    ◇    ◇    ◇

Kotsun, Kotsun … Since late May, Chikamoto has been doing a certain routine. In the pre-match practice at Koshien, face the machine in front of the bench on the first base side and bunt.

Now that I’m sitting at number 3, are I still aware of sacrifice bunts? I was asked that, and I have denied it.

“Hmm, I’m doing it to stimulate the twist when hitting. That machine for bunt practice has a strong ball.”

The purpose is not for bunt practice but for batting. At the moment of impact of the bunt, the movement of slightly twisting the lower part of the thorax toward the catcher is repeated. Obviously, it’s a bunt practice that isn’t for the bunt. It seems that he hardly cares about the whereabouts of the rolled ball.

“I receive the ball and put in a stimulus, and I restrict my behavior from opening my body.”

It is said that the training called “Chest Twist”, which has been undertaken since the time of Kwansei Gakuin University, has the intention of suppressing the opening of the body.

When I think about it, even in the 9th tie, I pulled Kuribayashi’s fork to the limit and carried it to the front right without opening my body. In June, he sat in 3rd place in all 17 games and had a batting average of 40%. I don’t think the feeling I got from returning to the origin will easily collapse.[Hanshin Tigers = Ryo Nakano]