Hansenzhai Street Rope Skipping Trial held in Xincheng District

Hansenzhai Street Rope Skipping Trial held in Xincheng District

2022-06-29 19:17:41Source: Xi’an News Network

Xi’an News Network News On June 29th, the Hansenzhai Street Rope Skipping Trials of the First Community Games of Xi’an, Xincheng District, kicked off. Under the guidance of community staff and party members and volunteers, the residents walked onto the sports field with full enthusiasm, and competed with each other amid the cheers. The relaxed and pleasant atmosphere attracted many people to stop and watch.

On June 29, the Hansenzhai Street Rope Skipping Trials for the New City Division of the First Community Games of Xi’an kicked off.Photo by Lei Weidong, an all-media reporter from Xi’an Press

“Prepare, start!” Following the referee’s order, Du Yuan, a rope skipping enthusiast who lives in Dongxu Community, started the competition mode. With the rapid rotation of his hands, Du Yuan’s smooth movements attracted cheers from the surrounding people and staff. “1 minute, 155!” After the game, Du Yuan clenched his fists and thanked everyone for their encouragement. “I usually like sports. We have table tennis, badminton and other sports venues in our community. We will go there to exercise when we have nothing to do.” Du Yuan told reporters that through the competition, she has met many like-minded sports enthusiasts, who can make an appointment in the future. sports.

“In the past, many people in the community didn’t know each other. Through the sports meeting, everyone can quickly integrate into each other. It is very happy!” Du Yuan said, it can strengthen the body and improve the relationship between neighbors. This community sports meeting is really for the masses. In the heart. After watching Du Yuan’s competition, an audience member said enviously, “She dances so well, I’ll sign up too!”

In the next step, Hansenzhai Street will continue to use the popular sports events and sports activities as a link to promote the residents to strengthen exchanges, promote communication, and enhance friendship, and continuously enhance the cohesion, combat effectiveness and appeal of grass-roots party organizations, and consolidate party building to lead the grassroots. Governance basis.

Ding Junyi, an intern of Nan Jiangyuan, an all-media reporter of Xi’an Press



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