Hand in hand with Ibai Llanos: his relationship with Messi, the “gift” that Kun Agüero has and the football legend with whom he wants to get into a ring

Ibai Llanos will broadcast La Velada 2 on Twitch

Everything is ready in the Badalona Olympic Pavilion (Barcelona) for the premiere of The Evening 2a boxing event that will broadcast the famous streamer español Ibai Llanos through its platform Twitch and that is already giving something to talk about, especially due to the impact caused by the first edition in May 2021.

This Saturday June 25, starting at 12 noon (15 GMT / 17 Spanish time) they will go up to ring 10 streamersincluding the Argentine Momo Benavidesto show what they are made of after a long period of intense training.

About this event, which also will feature the participation of Duki, Bizarrap and Nicki Nicolespoke Ibai in an exclusive interview with Infobaein which he also told how is his relationship with Lionel Messi and the When Agüero, whose presence in the place still remains unknown.

“We have everything ready, will be held in the Olympic Pavilion of Badalona, ​​which is a very large pavilion and very representative of Barcelona. Duki, Nicki Nicole, Bizarrap and others are already rehearsing and setting up the entire event, because in the end it is a basketball pavilion that is used for other things and They are already organizing everything so that it is ready”assures the 27-year-old Spaniard.

Evening 2 will take place at the Badalona Olympic Pavilion (Barcelona, ​​Spain)
Evening 2 will take place at the Badalona Olympic Pavilion (Barcelona, ​​Spain)

This will be the second edition of The eveningwhich was held for the first time in the middle of last year: “The first one arose unexpectedlyI lived with a friend here at home (Reven, streamer of Twitch) and he had a kind of “hot spot” with El Millor… they had their little things and based on that “hot spot” arose The eveningwhere we include other fights ”.

In total there were three fights that made history in the world of streaming: “It was much more successful than expected. A stream so great related to the world of boxing, which is something unusual because it is a very tough sport, it had an acceptance that makes no sense. Was the streaming most watched in the history of Twitch. It was crazy”.

The maximum peak that afternoon reached over 1.5 million viewers live (1,080,107 on average in the 4 hours it lasted) and during the event Ibai, who acted as a commentator, promised that if it exceeded one million he himself was going to get into the ring in the next edition.

“I promised to get on but I’m a real wretch and I couldn’t focus on the sport as I wanted (smile). I realized that in order to get into the ring, training under the tutelage of the boxers in Spain, you have to make a great effort. I would have to sacrifice many hours of my life. To get into the ring you have to train both in the morning, in the afternoon and even at night… I realized that I was in shit and that I wasn’t prepared”, laments the streamer Basque, who at the same time ensures that for the third edition will be inside the ring.

“I think this thing that started in 2021 should end with me fighting at some point and it is a process that makes me very excited. My intention is to be prepared for The Evening 3″, he states, before receiving another bet from Infobae in the case of reaching 2 million viewers.

“I prefer not to make bets anymore viewers and enjoy the moment (he jokes), that people see it and enjoy it. But a rival that would suit me, for a matter of physique, is Ronaldo Nazario”, remark. “It would be a historic fight, although I don’t know if he is going to want to get involved in this, but well… life takes many turns and we have a very good relationship,” he acknowledges as he throws the first stone.

Ibai Llanos was present at Messi's farewell dinner in Barcelona
Ibai Llanos was present at Messi’s farewell dinner in Barcelona

The event will feature the participation of several Argentine artists such as Duki, Bizarrap and Nicki Nicole, although the presence in the enclosure of Lionel Messi continues being an incognito (still in Spain on vacation) with whom he also maintains a very good relationship.

“The times I was with Leo I felt very loved by himso much online as in person. Whenever I talk to him about something, I feel that he is a person who respects what we do a lot and has a good time even when we get together with Coscu or the rest to do something in Only Tok or whatever. I think we have affection for each other and I notice it on the networks or when we talkis very interested in what we do and is aware that we entertain many kids in a healthy way”, he says.

Without imagining it, Ibai It was part of two historical moments in the life of the Argentine star. First, of Barcelona’s farewell and after his arrival at Paris Saint Germain as a special guest at the Parc des Princes.

“When he finished his presentation in Paris I talked to their environment and they were very happythey ended up happy with the result and I think he ended up happy too”, he recounts about that day in which the French capital received the seven-time Ballon d’Or.

“Previously we had spoken and he was happy, while I was very nervous. I felt that I was dreaming and that there was no meaning to what I was experiencing. It was all very strange, it was like being in a totally distorted reality, that what I was experiencing was not real. I wanted to assess in what two historical moments of Leo had been. For me it was something that when I am 94 years old I will still remember, ”she stresses.

Like any important evening, the event will have a red carpet through which various protagonists from the world of streamingand between them The presence of Sergio Agüero is not ruled out eitherwho after his unexpected retirement from professional football decided to venture fully into this new facet.

“Al Kun de .” Streamer I see it very well, it’s something he’s genuinely good at. He was born to be a footballer and also to be streamerwhich is something he didn’t know. He can stream any kind of matches. It will be closely related to the World Cup that is coming soonand either for that, or for a style like the Copa América, the When It is valid for everything: to talk about the event, comment on it, analyze it, the post-match, the previous one”.

Regarding the rapid acceptance it had in the environment, Ibai remarks that, “the When he has a gift, the gift of liking people, of being funny and genuinely funny. I think it will be closely related to the world of streaming and with the world of sport in the face of what is to come. Everything is going to revolve around the important sporting events in football, such as the Champions League, which has already happened, the next World Cup, or the next Copa América”.

Kun Aguero spoke with Ibai in the midst of Real Madrid’s victory

The influencer Spanish already has a similar experience in recounting the matches of the Copa América 2021 and some of France’s Ligue 1 through its streaming platform. Twitch and, consulted by Infobae, He was very enthusiastic about the possibility of forming a couple (rapporteur-commentator) with the former striker: “In the last Champions League we had a live connection, he called me on the phone and we were talking about Real Madrid and City, he was very angry and went totally crazy”.

“I think together we would make a good duothat time just happened to be the epic match between Real Madrid – Manchester City and it would have been nice to experience it together, he sent me some voice notes and some things… it was quite fun”.

(Capture from Twitch /Ibai)
(Capture from Twitch /Ibai)

As with Messi, Agüero, Duki or Bizarrap, Ibai recognizes that he has a special relationship with the Argentines and that he feels they are very similar to the Spanish: “The issue that I have with the Argentines is that they always received me very well, I always felt very loved both by the public and by athletes or artists. They always treated me with love and brutal respect. I feel very connected with many Argentines and I will surely end up going there.”

In principle, both in Argentina and in the rest of the world, users will be able to see this Saturday from 12 noon (15 GMT / 17 Spanish time) a new Evening that promises to be historic since will have 13 thousand people present in the pavilion (complete venue), which will witness five fights, among which the confrontation between Momo Benavides (a native of La Plata) and the Spanish Viruzz (who in the first edition fell by points against Mister Jagger) will stand out, as well as a unique musical show with some of the main Argentine artists of the genre of the moment.




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