Greetings from the Resignation of Chairman and Representative Director | Kumamoto Volters

Thank you for your warm support for Kumamoto Volters.

Kumamoto Basketball Co., Ltd., the operating company of Kumamoto Volters, has June 30, 2022.
We are pleased to inform you that Eiichiro Suminaga, Chairman and Representative Director, will retire.
We will also report on the third-party committee report.

Greetings from Chairman Eiichiro Suminaga

Thank you very much for 14 years.

For four years, I worked with my friends to prepare for a professional basketball team in Kumamoto.
At first, I was opposed to the fact that it could cause trouble to people involved in other sports and seniors in Kumamoto, but I want to liven up the area! I want to make Kumamoto healthy! I want to give children a dream! With this passion, we overcame everyone’s opposition and received investment from 73 companies who agreed with us, and launched Kumamoto Volters.
It has been 10 years since the Kumamoto Volters were established, and we have managed to continue running with the cooperation and inconvenience caused to many people.
I feel that there were many things that were painful and harsh rather than fun, but it has spread to the extent that no one in Kumamoto knows about the Kumamoto Volters, and everyone is able to support us. I think there is support and today’s Volters.

My immediate goal was to move up to B1. It’s a pity that I can’t achieve that and quit, but when I went up to B1, I felt that even if we started up, we couldn’t win in B1, so I think it’s a good time.
I think this scandal was also caused by the distortions that have occurred so far. I would like to take all the bad parts and pull them down.

There are only excitement and expectations for the next new system. I want you to expand what we have accumulated and work hard toward heights.
I believe that the significance of the existence of the Kumamoto Volters is to give dreams and hopes to the citizens of the prefecture, to have fun, to be happy, and to be happy. I sincerely hope that the Kumamoto Volters will make Kumamoto interesting and lead Kumamoto.

I’m a booster from now on. I would like to support and support myself so that I can be the best cheering party.
I would like to thank all the people who have been involved through the Volters so far, and I would like to say hello to my retirement.
Thank you very much for 14 years. And thank you for your continued support of Kumamoto Volters.

Eiichiro Suminaga

About the third-party committee report

【Third Party Committee Report Offer】
Facts recognized by the 1st Third Party Committee
(1) Facts similar to the “facts subject to sanctions” stated in the B League Notice were found.
(2) It is difficult to admit that Mr. Nishii did not know that Player A was not injured, and it was judged that the same facts as those described in the B League notice can be confirmed from objective materials.

Second cause and measures to prevent recurrence
(1) About false injury list registration
・ The company will independently clarify the purpose of the B League rules and clarify the registration requirements and procedures.
・ It is necessary to provide training to officers, GMs, doctors, agents, athletes, etc. to thoroughly understand the purpose of the rules of the Injury List and raise awareness of compliance.
・ The authority was concentrated on Mr. Nishii and the same person.
・ In the future, when applying for registration on the Injury List, it should be considered to require the submission of medical certificates from multiple doctors depending on the type and content of the injury.
・ It is necessary for agents to clarify their position and discipline, raise the professional awareness required for that position, and be able to protect the rights and interests of athletes.

(2) About harassment
・ It is speculated that Mr. Nishii’s awareness of power harassment was not sufficient.
・ Insufficient measures to prevent power harassment in the company, and it is not recognized that other managers were sufficiently aware of the problem.
-It is necessary for the top management of the organization to put up a clear message that power harassment in the workplace will not be carried out in the future.
・ It is important for managers to take the initiative in participating in training, etc., acquire new knowledge on a regular basis, and strive to raise awareness.

3rd Construction of measures to strengthen corporate governance
(1) Governance problems
・ It is necessary to establish a consultation desk or whistleblowing system for injustice. It should also be considered to have an external contact by an expert. And a system to protect the whistleblower is also needed.
-It is necessary to grasp the rules that have already been established and those that have not been developed, update the contents, and urgently maintain them.
・ It is necessary for officers, employees, staff, etc. to regularly provide training on B-League rules / regulations, internal rules, contracts with athletes, etc.
・ For players and staff, we will also train on the B-League rules and regulations, the part related to players in the internal rules, the contract between the company and the players, the discipline for the players to act as B-League players, and the contract as a player. It is necessary to deepen the understanding of the contents and rights and obligations.

(2) Human resources that support the company
・ It should be avoided that the same person concurrently holds an important position in the company.
-For directors and corporate auditors, we should consider building a system that can check by seeking human resources inside and outside the company and without concentrating power.
・ It is necessary to have excellent human resources who can sympathize with the corporate philosophy, understand the business of the company, which is professional sports management, and respond responsibly.
・ New directors are required to pay attention to the development and enhancement of human resources.

The Committee also imagines that the opinions of each party will be very strict because the heaviest sanctions by the B League so far have been imposed on Mr. Nishii and the company. However, it seems that many people concerned took it calmly and took this opportunity to improve the company and strongly expect the Volters to further develop.
Of course, Kumamoto Basketball Co., Ltd. is a private company, and its shareholders consist of a large number of individuals and corporations, but the idea is to energize Kumamoto and give children dreams through basketball. .. Its activities are public and public interest, and company management must not be contrary to it. In that sense as well, this case needs to be taken seriously.
However, the people involved in the Volters like basketball, even if their positions are different, and they want to rejuvenate our hometown of Kumamoto by being involved with it. The same applies to Mr. Tatsuro Nishii and Mr. Eiichiro Suminaga, who were sanctioned and accepted the disposition in this case.
The Volters are a valuable public good for those involved.
Whether it gets better or worse depends on the accumulation of thoughts, remarks, and actions of the people involved. One thought is that the people involved want to improve the Volters, and it is important to continue working with that thought.

that’s all

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