Grant Hill: ‘No player has ever endured more slander than LeBron James’

Grant Hill does not want to relaunch the eternal debate, that he ” hated around the best player of all time. According to him, it’s about Michael Jordan and that’s it. The former Pistons All-Star, however, lends itself to the game of comparisons with LeBron James, not on the side of pure basketball. But rather on the environment and the era in which the two superstars of the league evolved.

When the phenomenon of North Carolina arrives at the Bulls in 1984, social networks obviously do not exist. Only 8% of American households have a computer at home, of which a handful are already connected to the Internet. Almost twenty years later, when LeBron James was drafted by the Cavs, the web giants were emerging and were gradually entering the daily lives of as many people as possible.

What Grant Hill finds remarkable about the “King’s” career is, despite “ the pressure he was under from an early age, how he lived up to expectations and what he had to go through that Michael Jordan didn’t have to go through, in my opinion “Judges the Hall of Famer, in reference to the current” commentary society “, and to the” calumny that may result.

« LeBron had this extra burden of hearing things from all over the place, he was able to tune out and go play and be a pass-first guy and could very well end up as the all-time leading scorer. time. Those oldies who love Jordan… I don’t think we fully appreciate what LeBron did in that environment “, continues “Mister Nice Guy” who specifies not to be close to the Lakers player.

“There are people who are really trying to bring you down”

We remember that LeBron James has the habit in recent years of cutting his social networks during the playoffs. ” At the end of the 2000s, everyone is enthusiastic with social networks and thinks: ‘Okay, with your fingertips, you can express or see something’”he had formulated in 2018. “But if you’re a celebrity, you realize it’s really bad for you if you pay attention. There are people who are really trying to bring you down. You have to realize first that you don’t know who they are. Second, they don’t know what they’re talking about. Third, they have never been in your place or in the light to understand. »

The second best scorer in the history of the league has thus managed over time to distance himself from what he says on the web. And even ” learned to laugh at someone trying to ‘kill’ me because sometimes it’s funny “. This is what impresses Grant Hill, as well as his influence off the pitch. ” He took it to a whole new level: he empowered his friends, created multiple platforms. »

« I really admired the player he was and being the face of the league for so many years. But no player has ever endured more malice, abuse and slander than LeBron James. concludes Grant Hill.

Moreover, Michael Jordan had himself admitted that he would have had trouble evolving in the current era.

“For someone like me, and that’s what Tiger [Woods] face, but I don’t know if I could have survived the days of Twitter, where privacy isn’t the way we want it to be, and what seems to be very innocent can always be misinterpreted” had thus declared “His Airness” during an interview two years ago.



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