Goseong-gun held the 15th Gangwon-do Disabled Life Sports Competition: Sisazoom

Goseong-gun Office

[시사줌뉴스=보도자료] In Goseong-gun, the 15th Gangwon-do Sports for the Disabled, the head of the Hanmadang Oullim Festival for athletes with disabilities in Gangwon, and their families, will be held from June 22 to June 24 (3 days) at 15 stadiums including Goseong General Gymnasium. will be held

This event, hosted by the Gangwon-do Disabled People’s Sports Association and jointly organized by Goseong-gun, Goseong-gun Sports Association, and sporting groups for each sport, is an event held to promote mental and physical rehabilitation and harmony of the local disabled people through ‘living sports’. 621 persons, executives and guardians) will participate.

At the opening ceremony on June 22 (16:30), a large number of key figures such as the governor-elect, the mayors/gun heads, and the chairpersons of the city/gun councils attended the opening ceremony to encourage the participants. An official event is held.

In this tournament, 13 official sports such as basketball, lawn ball, billiards, boccia, badminton, bowling, cycling, swimming, weightlifting, track and field, sitting volleyball, table tennis, and futsal, as well as 2 sports such as gateball and park golf, were held together and 8 experience sports were held. will be held

Kim Yong-taek, head of the Culture and Sports Department, said, “It will be a place for the Hanmadang Oullim Festival where participants, club members, and their families can get together to relieve stress from daily life and strengthen friendship and harmony.”



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