Gokseong-gun, Ogok Multipurpose Gymnasium opened Total floor area of ​​936㎡: Gwangju Jeonnam Metropolitan News Gokseong Today

Gokseong-gun announced that the opening ceremony was held on the 20th after completing the construction of the multi-purpose gym in Ogok-myeon, a long-cherished dream of local residents.

In March 2019, Gokseong-gun was selected by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to support the expansion of living sports facilities, and this time, the Ogok Multipurpose Gymnasium was built.

1 billion won from the government and 1.8 billion won for military expenditures were invested, and construction started in October 2019 and was completed this time. It has a total floor area of ​​936㎡ and has two floors above ground, and various sports activities such as badminton and table tennis are available. Gokseong-gun plans to operate various sports programs for life in connection with Gokseong-gun Sports Club from July after the pilot operation period. It will also be used as a venue for various events for local residents.

Gokseong-gun Governor Yoo Geun-gi said, “We will do our best to expand the base of daily life sports and use it as a space for residents’ harmony and communication.”



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