“Going and remaining hell” Escape from the occupied Russian territory, bombard if found, land mines on the road “Put the children in a car and run away now!” / 5) | JBpress

A man who was entrusted with the lives of 10 children said, “Put the children in the car and run away now!”

Deputy Mayor Sergie Miriuchin (photographed by the author) who confronts difficulties with the mental power acquired by karate

(International journalist Masato Kimura)

[From Kryvyi Rih, Central Ukraine]The man he met in a city in central Ukraine talked about President Putin’s “lack of martial arts spirit.”

“I don’t know what Russian President Vladimir Putin learned from judo. He may have gained strength and strength through martial arts, but martial arts (oriental martial arts) Maybe he wasn’t interested in the spirit of martial arts, even though martial arts are for defense, not attack. “

Kryvyi Rih, 44, the deputy mayor of Kryvyi Rih, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine, which has the largest steel maker in Ukraine and has a thriving mining industry, has been practicing karate for more than 10 years. Approximately four months after the invasion of the Russian army began, hard work without holidays continues. “He started karate because he wanted to train his mind as well as his body with martial arts,” he recalls.

A city where people fleeing from the occupied territories pass

Here Kryvyi Rih is close to the eastern and southern parts occupied by Russian troops. Therefore, many people evacuate from the occupied territories of the Russian army. So I jumped in to cover the refugee support center.

I was instructed to wait for a call from the person in charge at the entrance of the center. After a while, a man named “Anton” contacted me on my cell phone in fluent English and asked me to send a press pass and passport for the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

After going around the support center under the guidance of city official Anton (25) who came after a while, he was told that he could interview the deputy mayor. The deputy mayor was Sergie at the beginning.

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