Goals of the final Atlético Nacional vs Deportes Tolima: summary and best moments of the match | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

After a good save by goalkeeper Alexander Domínguez, Sports Tolima generated the action that ended in a goal. Well executed corner kick and ball that Anderson Silver he sent to the bottom to put the 0-1 in the Atanasio Girardot. In an impressive setting, with a stadium to bursting and totally dyed green, the one who celebrated the first was the visitor.

However, what Hernán Torres’ men did not count on was a mistake by the Ecuadorian goalkeeper, who left a rebound, and Danovis Banguero, charging the ‘Ex’s Law’ through the window, did not forgive and made it 1-1 to go to the break. For the complement there was still more.

In another individual play, Yerson Candelo took advantage of his mid-range and after stealing the ball over midfield, he was reported with the goal of the year in Colombia, which is already pointing to the Puskás award. Nacional closed their night at the Atanasio with a flourish, thanks to a goal by Andrés ‘Rifle’ Andrade, in added time. A 3-1 that already seems to sentence the series.

Nacional 0-1 Tolima: goal by Ánderson Plata, 23 minutes into the first half, after a corner executed by Daniel Cataño and a ball that Jonathan Marulanda, with a taquito, managed to touch, to enable the scorer who sent it to the bottom, without hesitation. Plata appeared almost on the far post and pushed it with his abdomen, leaving Kevin Mier without a chance, who was surprised by the quick move.

National 1-1 Tolima: goal by Danovis Banguero, at 43 minutes, after a play that the left side invented. Change of front for Yerson Candelo, who from mid-distance tested Domínguez’s reflexes. Banguero, who accompanied the play, took advantage of ‘Dida”s mistake and took advantage of the rebound to send her to save.

Nacional 2-1 Tolima: goal by Yerson Candelo, on the 71st minute, after a stolen ball from Yohandry Orozco in midfield. The winger took all the power out of him with a shot from his own field that “bathed” the goalkeeper Domínguez. A luxury goal that gave the purslane another look.

Nacional 3-1 Tolima: goal by Andrés ‘Rifle’ Andrade, at 90+3, in the midst of a great collective action that ended up sealing an impressive comeback. The ’10’ who had entered in the second half, was in charge of putting concrete figures, after the assistance of Sebastián Gómez.


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