Girona returns to the ACB league 14 years later (60-66)

Fourteen years later Girona returns to the ACB. Through the big door, having surpassed in the final of the LEB Or the big favorite, Estudiantes (60-66), and entering the highest category of Spanish men’s basketball with a project that dazzles, by how and by whom it leads , a Marc Gasol who, as he had always promised, has returned to the city all the esteem he had given him when the Fontajau showcase aroused the interest of the NBA. Fontajau will see the biggest next season, Barça, Madrid, La Penya … and with the help of Bàsquet Girona it feels like this is just the beginning for what is to come.

Marc Gasol has played, and he has played so much, that he had had Girona in his heart since he was injured in the semi-final against Lleida in the third quarter and left lame in the locker room. It was doubtful, but the fans had begun to breathe a sigh of relief when it became known that they had gone to Fontajau to try out in the early afternoon and that the sensations were good, and more so than they were when he left. to warm up normally with the rest of the classmates. Seeing him in the starting five has already been the final spark to ignite the fans and start the final with everyone convinced that it was possible. It was the day, the time and the place. And although he did not sign his best performance, his mere presence was already a small victory for morale.

Gasol was the starter but the first name of the game was Fjellerup, author of 7 points almost in a row at the beginning of the first quarter, applying the recipe that the team likes best: energy in defense, speed in the ‘time to move the ball, and hit in attack (4-9). But of course, in the end nothing is easy, and immediately everything has been equalized. Even Estudiantes took the lead with a triple by Faggiano (12-9), although Girona finished the first dominant half of five (14-19) with Fontajau excited as never before.

To open the second quarter a triple by Vila gave Girona the maximum advantage (14-22, +8), answered with a 6-0 by Estudiantes (20-22) which far from sowing doubts, preceded once of effect of Girona. Two triples in a row by Vecvagars and a basketball by Jawara put a +10 on the scoreboard (20-30), and despite the deficit in the rebound (especially offensive), Sargatal were dominant until they were stuck in attack and 47 according to the break, the Girona coach had to stop the game with the school team at 4 (28-32). The same difference with which it has reached the half (30-34) thanks to a basketball on the horn of Dee, who with 7 points was the top scorer of Madrid.

As the game had started, with Girona in the lead, the third quarter did. Marc Gasol and Fjellerup were the protagonists again and while Fontajau was throwing, the team again dominated from 8 (32-40) despite not stopping the problems in the rebound. A 2 + 1 from the pivot has given a maximum advantage of +11 to Girona (35-46) three and a half minutes to end the half. And another 2 + 1, in this case the Argentine, has put the +12 (37-49). And a triple by Urtasun on +13 (39-52), answered by Beirán (42-52), and returned by Sàbat (42-55) in a few electric minutes that have put Girona 14 up (43-57) ). The arguments for believing in it were increasingly firm (47-58 to close the partial).

A triple by Beirán and a basket by Martín put Estudiantes at 6 (52-58) to open the final half. Girona could not find a way to score and nerves appeared, the fear of failing. Gasol is back on track. There were just over six minutes left, and the first ball he scored went inside (52-60). Girona’s only two points in this quarter so far. But Beirán nailed another triple (55-60) and Dee, with a free kick, made it 56-60 to make it clear that the Madridians had not yet said the last word. Faggiano was 58-60 3 minutes from the end and Girona’s collapse was already complete. Fjellerup appeared to give air to his (58-62, two minutes from the end, when the partial was 11-4. A minute and a half later Gasol made it 58-64 and then Fontajau collapsed Girona had the ACB to play, and 8 seconds from the end Franch sealed it to the delight of the fans (59-66).


Min. 40 EAST 60 – GIR 66

Students are located

Min. 40 EAST 60- GIR 66

Franch doesn’t miss the two free throws. Seven more and six seconds left

Min. 40 EAST 59 – GIR 66

8 seconds and free throws for Girona Basketball

Min. 40 EAST 59 – GIR 64

Forty seconds and he attacks Bàsquet Girona

Min. 40 EAST 59 – GIR 64

1 minute to the end. Lots of nerves on the track. Nacho Martín places Estudiantes at 5 points

My. 40EST 59 – GIR 64

Six more! Suspended, but Gasol’s basket enters

Min. 39 EAST 58 – GIR 64

Recover the Girona Basketball. Dee’s field back, forced by Urtasun

Min. 39 EAST 58 – GIR 62

Fjellerup appears. Suspension shot that gives air to Girona. Diego Epifanio asks for time out

Min. 38 EAST 58 – GIR 62

At two points Estudiantes, El Bàsquet Girona can’t find a way to score

Min. 37 EAST 58 – GIR 60

Only two points from Bàsquet Girona in the last six minutes. Partial from 9 to 2 of Estudiantes this period

Min. 36 EAST 56 – GIR 60

To four Estudiantes. He scores only one free kick, but the Madrid players continue to cut the points basket of Bàsquet Girona

Min. 35 EAST 56- GIR 60

Triple of Beiran. The veteran player is guiding Estudiantes. There are five schoolchildren

Min. 34 EAST 55 – GIR 60

GASOL! When he needed it most, he learned. Score the pivot in pairs

Min. 34 EAST 52- GIR 60

Three minutes from the last quarter and Bàsquet Girona has not scored yet. Martín puts Estudiantes just six points behind. Jordi Sargatal asks for time out

Min. 34 EAST 52- GIR 58

Eric Vila fouls Alex Urtasun. He does not score either free kick

Min. 33 EAST 50- GIR 58

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