Girona is working to extend the transfer of Baena and Lozano one more season

One by one they will parade. It is the bread of every summer. The usual scenario. At the end of the season and with June facing its final stretch, all those footballers who have worn the Girona shirt on loan know that their bond with Montilivi is over. Most of them don’t come back, they go to the clubs of origin and try to make a career there, whether or not it ends up working. Some repeat the experience. The experiment worked and all parties agreed to get back on track. Some even do it out of a desire to vindicate themselves. Each case is a world. This past year, up to six loan players have worked under the orders of Michel Sanchez. With more or less luck, less or less prominence. On the 30th of this month, the transfer expires. Nahuel Bustos, Pablo Moreno and Darío Sarmiento are once again full-time players at Manchester City. All of them with an uncertain future. And what about Pol Lozano and Álex Baena? At first, they should return to the discipline of Espanyol and Villarreal, respectively. That’s the idea. But his performance has been very positive and Montilivi is eager to repeat.

Going up to Primera plays in their favor. One more claim to seduce footballers. Lozano has played in 35 games, 29 of them starting in the starting eleven. He accumulated 2,492 minutes, saw 9 yellow cards and scored a goal. His inertia has risen and he has finished the season scratching perfection. He is a player that likes Michel and the sports management. Lozano draws positive conclusions from this year, despite the fact that his desire is to consolidate at Espanyol. It remains to be seen what all the parties involved will say. At the moment, Domingo Catoira, the white-and-blue sports director, was talking about it yesterday: “We are very happy for him. If every player who is our property and leaves on loan, has the fortune and the will to work, which allows him to grow and get good results as is the case of Pol Lozano, we are very happy. We are evaluating each player on loan individually and we will move forward in the coming days. All or almost all know the situation for their next course. So wait a minute.

Baena also wants to succeed at Villarreal. The competition is fierce, but his good role in Montilivi (45 games, 3,281 minutes, 6 assists and 5 goals) has put him in the showcase. For him to get a chance under Unai Emery or for other clubs to knock on his door. His case is a little more complex than that of Pol Lozano, but it is far from certain that the Andalusian will repeat his adventure in Girona.

Another of those who have arrived on loan is Ivan Martin. It’s been a few months since January. By contract, as long as it doesn’t end up breaking at the last minute, if it went up to Primera its continuity was agreed so next year will also be part of the staff.

The preseason will begin on July 11th

The holidays for the Girona squad have officially begun. Well-deserved disconnection, after the promotion to Primera, and also shorter than the rest of the teams, as is usual in recent years. The schedule for next pre-season has not yet been set, nor have the rivals come to light, but Montilivi has already assumed that he will return to work on July 11 with medical tests. It will therefore be about three weeks to rest and recharge your batteries, to get back on track with the relevant medical check-ups, first, and then with the workouts. The League will begin on the weekend of August 13 and 14.



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