Girona finally reopens the gates of paradise (1-3)

TENERIFE (SPECIAL SHIPPING)Girona is the new First Division team. They said that only the first times were special and that nothing like this was ever felt. It was a lie, it’s always beautiful. Because in its second ascent Girona opened the gates of paradise. He resisted everything to be crowned, after a difficult year, eliminating Tenerife in the final of the World Cup play-off (1-3). Michel and an amazing staff have succeeded. Finally.

Between the Carnival, the scarves, the T-shirts and the chants, it seemed that Tenerife was only invited for the celebration. The fans danced in the stands, before it started. Girona had spent the last few days with their mouths shut and dreaming of a positive outcome. They arrived on Saturday with their families, feeling the warmth of those around them when they return home and there are no more cameras. The trip was beautiful with the idols of the 250 displaced white-and-red fans playing with their children.

Juan Carlos, Arnau, Bueno, Bernardo, Juanpe, Valery, Pol Lozano, Aleix Garcia, Iván Martín, Baena and Stuani. The expected eleven was underway, only upset by the injury of Ivan Martin in the quarter hour. Samu came in to replace him, but Michel de Girona’s identity did not change. The people of Girona found out about the rise of Bàsquet Girona in the locker rooms and left with the desire to complete a perfect night, one that will be explained for years and years.

It was time to close the wounds and forget, once and for all, the terrible consequences of the last three seasons. Always in the last game, always on the last day, almost always cruel. The personality with which he became the protagonist was splendid. Girona did not ask for permission at any time, they just grabbed the ball and started working. Baena, Bueno and Stuani were about to put their first and last name on a storm-synonymous start.

Tenerife came out fast, dedicated to stopping the game as much as they could and a little more. It is a team that has spent hours and hours learning the mechanisms, as if it were a clock that never breaks. Mechanisms of destruction, however, because elaboration is not a virtue with which it can be associated. Balls to Mario and Enric Gallego and to running, so simple but so effective. Given that the weather was in their favor, it was not uncommon for them to exploit this path. In fact, journalists covering local news had been accredited in the morning for the party scheduled in the morning. And in the middle of the city the stage was ready. What a mistake to speak early, because it will be Girona that celebrates the parade.

For centuries, Stuani

But what has happened to Girona so many times has happened to Tenerife, who did not imagine that the emotions experienced in these finals are inhuman. Heliodoro was shaking when Samu fired a shot from Soriano and was completely speechless when a shot from Juanpe landed in the hands of Sergio and Arcediano Monescillo – the referee of the first promotion, by the way – signaled a penalty like a house: Stuani obviously did not fail. What the Uruguayan has done for the club will be remembered for centuries to come. It had to be him.

It must have been worth it to have lost so many times. Girona knew that a very long second half was waiting for them, perhaps even more than the three years they have spent in the Second Division after the relegation of the First Division. Because once it touched the sky, the entity never wanted to know anything more about another destination. Montilivi has been capped with the highest category. The fans want to see their players play against Barça, Madrid, Atlético or Sevilla. He wants to travel around the state feeling great, like everything others have always done, but in recent years he has been within reach of a club that has insisted so much that he has finally made it a reality. Enjoy it, because it has cost a lot.

More than 20,000 spectators turned Heliodoro into a cauldron, because the match never ended. There was still half an hour left when the pressure took effect, Carlos Ruiz beat Arnau’s back and the ball ended up in the back of the net. That was unbearable, but thanks to the stars it didn’t last long. Because if the white-and-reds always get up, it’s for some reason. It was fair for them to do it, it was up to them. A combination between Samu and Baena ended with a cross from the last that bounced off León before it was 1-2. Girona exploded with joy.

The match was about to end. Stuani received a blow to the bottle at the celebration, a sign that local patience was falling on the precipice, completely scattered when Arnau finished off a foul by Aleix Garcia to explain to the whole planet that yes, Girona is a new team of First.



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