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Once the Dimayor sanction on Giovanni Moreno has been lifted, the Antioquia midfielder of Atlético Nacional is preparing his last functions as an active soccer player. For several months he has been maturing the idea and wants to retire through the front door, champion with the green of his loves and in full condition.

“The ideal retirement for me would be now in June coming out champions, it would be the cherry on the cake. To be able to go as I dreamed, to fulfill that dream of being a champion with Nacional that never happened to me. The most important thing is now, and I had already contemplated that. They have asked me that we are not going to have a vacation, I am champion and I am going on vacation for life (laughs), it is what I have in my head, I think about it now and hopefully that achievement can be achieved. I’m not thinking about the next season, or the Copa Libertadores, I’m just thinking about being champion now and resting now,” Moreno said in the last contact with the media, on May 17.

When he arrived at Nacional in July 2008 from Envigado, Giovanni Moreno and Atlético Nacional he has been in an idyll that, although it has not been possible to prove it with Olympic laps, the skinny man enjoys the affection of the fans, the one that is very demanding and that has had major crashes throughout its 75-year history.

With the purslane shirt, Gio has scored seven goals against Deportes Tolima, showing his acrobatic qualities, in the memory of the green fan there are those back-heel goals at Atanasio and Ibagué in 2009.

“I have had the opportunity to score against Tolima every time I face him, in the first finals I played with Nacional I also scored against him there in Ibagué and it has possibly been the team that I have been able to score the most goals against,” said a young Giovanni in an interview in 2009 to RCN.

Regarding that backheel goal at Atanasio, the ‘skinny’ pointed out that “it’s a backheel, when Ibarbo sent the ball mid-height and when I see Tolima’s rivals they don’t attack the ball, I decide to pass the rivals and decide to throw myself, I felt the ball hit the cue and when I heard from the stands they shout a goal and that’s why I went out to celebrate”.

At the Manuel Murillo Toro in Ibagué, Moreno managed to score the same goal, only there he was able to anticipate the near post and send the ball across to the second post, on a dream night, where Nacional won 3-4 in the semi-final home runs of League II-2009. With almost 13 years of those moments, without so much elasticity, but with more maturity and the elegance of always, ‘Gio’ wants to fulfill that last dream, to be champion in Colombia and go from myth to legend, closing a career with a flourish successful.

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
FUTBOLRED correspondent
En Twitter: @juanchoserran8



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