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A scene from a manga[Image courtesy of Hokahokainochi]

The world of athletes who always have victory and defeat. You can imagine that not only the actual performance but also the practice will be taken seriously … but it seems that it is a little different when we welcome a “unique visitor”. A mom who took her 1 year and 7 month old son to a practice where a basketball player’s sister participated. A manga depicting a number of “hospitality” that came into contact there has collected 15,000 “likes” on Instagram. In addition to the author who appears in the work as a mama, other lives (hokahokainochiWe asked Mr.) for a detailed story such as the actual situation.

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“If you’re not motivated, stop!”

In addition, Ms. Life is a mom who raises her son, Haru-kun, who is 1 year and 7 months old. Before she got married, she had a strict personality, but now she’s “changing”, Haru-kun, her spouse, and Komachi-chan, a rabbit with an extraordinary appetite. Is a member of. In addition to the Instagram account, the blog “Life Hokka and other blogsIt has also been announced.

The theme of the work that became a hot topic this time was the event when Haru-kun was taken to observe the practice of the basketball team. In fact, he is also the older sister of Ms. Seimei and a player in the same competition.

One day, I heard that my sister will participate in the practice at my alma mater, and Ms. Life. At the invitation, I visited the gymnasium of the driving range with Haru-kun. The tour starts 30 minutes before the end of the practice. When I opened the door while being nervous, what jumped into my ears was the yelling voice of the demon director, “Okay !! If you’re not motivated, stop!”.

In addition to being shocked by “It’s a strong school …”, Haru-kun seems to be excited and not bothered. After that, I greeted the manager and coach and watched the match-style practice from the empty court on the side where the practice was not performed. In addition to having basketball experience himself, when Mr. Life is enthusiastically watching, the sound of dribbling can be heard from the side.

If you look, you can see the director who folds his knees in front of Haru-kun and shows off his dribbling while flushing his cheeks! The “demon director” I witnessed earlier is completely missing. However, Haru-kun immediately changed his interest to “Mama, Achi !!”. When Mr. Life glances at the director, he looks a little sad …

And the practice is over, and the final meeting starts. So the manager announces the members for the next day’s match. Then Haru-kun shook his hand that was connected to other life-sans and started running to the place where the directors were.

In addition to screaming inwardly, “Wait, wait, wait, Haru-kun! No!”, He was surprised at the director’s remarks that greeted Haru-kun. Furthermore, what is the bold and wonderful “certain important work” that Haru-kun, who received the words, accomplished brilliantly …?

Ochi’s work, which was closed with applause, collected 15,000 likes on Instagram. In the comment section, “It’s too cute !!!!” “You guys are the best, I was crying and laughing” “I made you laugh aloud!” “What a peaceful world …” “Everything Is precious. “

Also, of course, “The director’s glue is too good, isn’t it?” “I’m a little fond of the demon director’s gap …” “I’m sure he’s a strong director because he’s such a good director.” Fan declarations to the director were also sent one after another.



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