Fuss among Anderlecht fans: entire supporters section has to move to make way for ‘hard core’

A decision by the board in consultation with the police caused a lot of commotion at Anderlecht. After all, the supporters of courses N5 and N6 received a remarkable e-mail. The N5 section is – after many have already taken out a subscription at that place – reserved for a hard core.

What is going on? Well, the hard core – and we don’t mean the Mauves Army atmosphere group – has asked for a place in the stadium and the board has succumbed to it. As a result of that decision, an entire section of subscribers has to move. Other supporters of the box next door, who have already renewed their subscription, were asked whether they would like to move for free given their new neighbors.

Years of subscribers – especially those with children – will too. Problem is, they can do that this season at no extra cost, but what next season if they move to a more expensive block? And at the moment they can only choose from the places that remain. The dissatisfaction among the people in those fields is therefore great.

Below is the email that the subscribers of the N5 received:


The supporters from N6 then received another email. Because there is no closure between the two courses, they are given the opportunity to move.

The fact that an entire profession is freed up for a hard core and that loyal supporters have to move for that raises a lot of questions. Many fans cannot accept it and are angry about the way it is happening. Many have been in those places for years and now have to make way for a group that does not immediately have the best reputation.



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