From soccer fields to tatami mats, the “revenge” of the martial arts by Endas Sicilia

The sacredness of judo, the rhythm of capoeira, the physicality of boxing. These are just some of the ingredients that made the dish of the “Grand gala of martial arts and combat sports” succulent, organized by Endas Sicilia and by Oxygen Group under the technical coordination of the seventh Dan judo master, Francesco Paolo Bondì.

An evening of pure sport that saw the 7-a-side football fields of the Kalta Club in Palermo filled up, transformed into tatami mats for the occasion. At the gates of summer, at the end of a season in the gym, about 200 students from Endas Sicilia and Fisdir Palermo performed in the facility in via Beato Angelico. In addition to the sports already mentioned, there is also space for ju jitsu, aikido, karate, kick boxing, taekwondo, fit boxing, wing chun and taijiquan. At the end of the event all the athletes were awarded a medal, in the perspective of the philosophy of Endas: to participate, not to win.

“It was a great thrill to relive a day of martial arts and combat sports in an atmosphere of intense celebration. Athletes of all ages and special kids competed in different disciplines, for me it is a source of pride after about 50 years of experience representing such a large group. I hope that these experiences can bring more and more enthusiasts closer to our world “, declares Francesco Paolo Bondì.



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