From now on, annual TOP Badminton Tournament in IISPA


In September 2021 Badminton Promotion East organized a senior/youth tournament in Almelo. Given the success and progress of the tournament, the organization has decided to make it an annual tournament.

On Saturday 3 September 2022, the second edition of the TOP Badminton Tournament will therefore take place in the top sports hall IIspa in Almelo. During this tournament, both the seniors and the youth are given the opportunity to compete in tournament form with other badminton players. In this way, the players in the east of the Netherlands show what badminton really means.

The format of the tournament
Unlike last year, Badminton Promotion East now also invites senior players from the Netherlands and Germany. Eight ladies and eight gentlemen who play at Eredivisie level. The German players play at a similar level, namely Bundesliga. This group complements the organization with local players and players who play in the first, second, third and fourth division.

The youth also get the opportunity to show how high the level is in Twente. Youth players who are part of the BPO, or Badminton Promotion East, participate in the TOP Badminton Tournament. These selected players can expect opposition from the youth players of all kinds of associations from Twente, Salland and the Achterhoek.

Introduction to the beautiful sport
All in all, enough variety to show the badminton sport in all its aspects on Saturday, September 3, 2022 in the IIspa in Almelo and where people can get acquainted with this beautiful sport. Admission is free for spectators who are curious about the sport or want to watch the exciting matches.

Badminton Promotion East welcomes everyone that day.



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