Fritz confesses that he defeated Nadal in Indian Wells with his foot asleep

During the last weeks, many voices have been suspicious regarding the treatments received by Rafael Nadal in the past Roland Garros. However, it seems that the Spaniard has not been the only one to play with his foot asleep this season. Precisely one of his executioners in this 2022, Taylor Fritzconfessed after debuting with victory at Wimbledon 2022 that he needed injections to be able to play the final of Indian Wellsin which he beat the Balearic:

“I got the injury in the semi-finals against Rublev. I felt a lot of pain, albeit a bit strange, and I was lucky to break him in the last game, right after I felt it. We did a lot of treatment, but since it was a strange pain, I expected to get up the next day feeling good. I got to warm up, before the final, and by the time I started a race, I was in the worst possible pain. I didn’t think I could play the final. I definitely thought I wouldn’t play. luckily the doctors gave me several injections of lidocaine to numb my foot, and I literally couldn’t feel my foot at any point during the final, which was fine.”



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