Formula 1 – Canadian GP: Verstappen annuls Carlos Sainz’s dream of victory

Joseph Carlos Carabias



The grand prize that encouraged the hope of the Spanish drivers, the race that announced a reborn Alonso and a Sainz with a car and rennet, Verstappen takes it for hegemony and talent. Sainz tried it in Montreal, fifteen laps in pursuit of the world champion, life in every corner, demanding until the end. It is a strenuous effort but without reward. He resists his first victory in Formula 1. So close and so far at the same time in Montreal. Alonso finished seventh, again unlucky, angry with his team and investigated for a maneuver against Bottas.

You have to rub your eyes to digest the grid formation at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. Fernando Alonso, second, and Carlos Sainz, third, on the hunt for world champion Max Verstappen.

It is the consequence of a revolution that happened more than fifteen years ago, when the Asturian champion crowned Formula 1, discovered this sport for the general public in Spain and a young man like Carlos Sainz was encouraged to follow in his footsteps and dream of one day being World Champion.

Alonso and Sainz respect each other at the start, as they respect each other in life. They argue with faith, but not viciously at the start of the Canadian race. Montreal is a propitious track to the pottery and the commotion, but nothing is disturbed in the stampede of the fireballs. Verstappen has put aside the Red Bull to gain more momentum, Alonso does not go well and Sainz fails to catch his friend. The trio enters the Gilles Villeneuve, a circuit that burns the brakes and grants license to improve luck.

Soon one of the emerging candidates is KO’d. Checo Pérez, who should have made the same progress as Leclerc, slows down his Red Bull and the Spaniards are left with one less enemy. Verstappen surprises by changing wheels very soonlap 10, but there is always the certainty that Red Bull has great strategists in the garages.

For a few laps, the Spanish fan indulged in the classification, Sainz first and Alonso second. The Ferrari has more pace than the Alpine and it was difficult for the Madrid driver to overtake the Asturian with the DRS.

The race, as always in Canada, does not let up. Another virtual accident by Mick Schumacher It grants the option to all drivers to enter for free to change tires, without losing position. Everyone except Alonso. The virtual safety car disappears just as he is about to enter the box. That is why he gives up his opportunity to dream of the podium. The race seems decided between Verstappen and Sainz, the two with the best pace, with the Mercedes on the prowl. Alonso starts seventh from the Alpine garage.

Sainz begins his ant work, curve by curve, turn by turn, without fainting, regular, without going crazy, but solid. His horizon is Verstappen’s hard tyres, which cannot last 60 laps on such a demanding track. The Dutchman enters to change the wheels again, lap 44, and Sainz finally leads the grand prix.

Nor will its gray wheels last to the end, Verstappen eats him two seconds a lap. Tsunoda’s accidental new pace car gives him one last option. He changes the shoes of his Ferrari, puts hard wheels and stays right behind Verstappen, in the same second, all tight.

Sainz has fifteen laps to be crowned and a world champion in front of his helmet. The episode is exciting because Hamilton has no rhythm to chase the couple and the hand in hand is exciting. Sainz brakes late at turn 10, which is taken at 70 per hour, he throws himself on top of Verstappen, but the Dutchman shoots out, more traction, more speed on the straight. Sainz activates the DRS, he approaches, he reaches his wake, but he lacks a rudder to change the afternoon.

And so, one lap after another, the same landscape, Sainz less than a second away, the DRS activated, the pressure on the world champion and nothing. Without result. Verstappen doesn’t make a mistake, you can’t expect him to. He is a champion. Sainz does not stop trying, but Verstappen’s hierarchy prevails. There is no prize for the Spaniard, he tried and he didn’t get it. “There was little left” They cheer him on from the box. But Sainz cannot avoid a slight disappointment on his face.

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