For its 20th anniversary, Basket Pays de Lunel changes office

On Saturday June 18, the Basket Pays de Lunel held its general meeting in Viavino before celebrating the club’s 20th anniversary with all the licensees. A ceremony marked by emotion.

Few licensees were present this Saturday, June 18, for the general assembly of Basket Pays de Lunel which was held in Viavino. But you don’t need to be numerous to understand how much this club is loved by its most loyal members. The Basket Pays de Lunel is a club where everyone shares the same love for their discipline.

Created during the 2001-2002 season, the club is celebrating its 20th birthday this year. At the BPL since 2005 and president for 7 years, Hervé Sion has announced that he is leaving the club. “I will always have the BPL in my heart, you have to know how to stop one day and give way to the youngest”he launches moved, to the applause of the room.

His best memory? The former president does not hesitate for a second. “The 2 climbs in National 2 women. It was exceptional, the enthusiasm, the public present, it never happened”he explains, tears in his eyes.

But Hervé Sion is not the only legend to leave the club this year. Gilles Arnold, founding member and treasurer, reported on Saturday his last economic report after 20 years of “career.” A longevity highlighted by Laurent Grasset, sports assistant at Lunel: “You will both be thanked as it should be at the Trophée des Champions. What you have done for the BPL is remarkable.”

Transfer of power

Also a founding member of the club, it is Frédéric Bosc who takes over the presidency. “It’s a page that is turning for the BPL, we have a new office. The club will be revitalizedexplains the new president, before adding: We are going to bring a clear and well-structured project to the town hall, hoping to be supported.

Frédéric Bosc hopes to play leading roles in the coming years while developing the women’s sector. Nathalie Legrain will be the new secretary and David Lecorre the treasurer. The rest of the bureau will be elected in the coming days.



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