Foot OL – OL: No red carpet for Lacazette, Dembélé pulls out his fangs – Olympique Lyonnais

Author of an exceptional second half of the season, Moussa Dembélé does not plan to leave Olympique Lyonnais despite the summer arrival of Alexandre Lacazette.

By managing to complete the return of Alexandre Lacazette, at the end of his contract with Arsenal, the Rhone club has struck a major blow on the transfer market. If this comeback of Gone pleases everyone around Groupama Stadium, the arrival of the French international will not suit everyone at theOL. In addition to Tino Kadewere, who will have to find a way out to find playing time, Moussa Dembélé can also worry about his starting position at the forefront of the OL attack. Despite this legitimate fear when a player of the caliber of Lacazette returns to OL with a knife between his teeth, the former Celtic Glasgow striker does not really plan to leave Lyon during this summer transfer window. In any case, this is what L’Equipe explains.

Dembélé wants to shine with Lacazette

“Dembele has no desire to leave for the moment. He feels good at OL, appreciates his relationship with Bosz and sees Lacazette as much a partner in attack as a possible successor up front. At almost 26 years old, Dembélé sees himself staying today and does not even rule out discussing his future at OL later. But could he resist if he were to settle on the bench? This is one of the questions that could feed the first days of the Championship. The game system, the associations will be scrutinized because it is difficult to see the captain being satisfied with crumbs ”, can we read on the site of the French sports newspaper. Author of 21 goals last season and even promoted to captain in recent weeks, Dembélé is aware that he can count on the support of Peter Bosz. A coach who knows that Lyon will need two high-level points to aim for the final podium in L1. And knowing that Dembélé has often shone in a two-scorer system, in a pivotal role, the 25-year-old striker’s desire to stay is necessarily very good news for OL.



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