Follow the match France Espoirs – Serbia Espoirs LIVE

Follow the match France Espoirs – Serbia Espoirs LIVE

80th (2-0). Another opportunity! Cho, very prominent since his entry, takes advantage of a superb delivery from Kalimuendo to strike in one touch in the box, but Gordic pulls off a good save!

79th (2-0). CHO AGAIN! The Angevin is launched into the area and rolls up a shot from the left which ends a few centimeters from the right post!

78th (2-0). Diop tries a pass as well seen as complicated in the surface for Cho. Gordic intervenes.

76th (2-0). Cho again! The very young striker rolls up a shot from the left which forces Gordic to relax on his right. The corner that follows does nothing.

75th (2-0). Cho makes a superb run with the ball but completely misses his through pass for Koné in stride. Gordic intervenes, there was an excellent shot to play.

72nd (2-0). Very active this evening, Ngoumou is replaced by Cho. Camavinga gives way to Koné.

71st (2-0). Truffert is always very serious on his rare interventions, like a sliding tackle in front of Mitrovic.

70th (2-0). Danicic replaces Cirkovic for this end of the game.

68th (2-0). Ripoll’s men still master the debates as much as Serbia does not exist.

65th (2-0). It’s time for changes. Diop replaces Gouiri, Le Fée takes the place of Thuram. The two scorers will blow.

63rd (2-0). Les Bleuets unroll and have fun in the area with a relay from Kalimuendo for Kalulu, whose slowed shot reaches Gouiri, countered by the exit of Gordic!

62nd (2-0). The Serbian coach sanctions Ivezic, guilty of the loss of the ball on this goal, by replacing him with Stanic. Pavlovic takes the place of Belic.

60th (2-0). BLUEBERRY GOAL! Camavinga won in a physical battle in midfield and found a perfect pass to Gouiri in transition, taking advantage of the Serbian disorganization. The Nice striker does not tremble to come forward and conclude with a flat right foot in the area!

58th (1-0). Truffert is attentive with a header on a cross from Rogan at the far post.

56th (1-0). Thuram gets up with difficulty after an ankle shock. It should be fine.

54th (1-0). A deflected cross from Ngoumou is volleyed by Kalimuendo at the near post, but it’s too complicated and off target.

53rd (1-0). Ngoumou seeks a one-two with Caqueret, but the Lyonnais’ handover is too strong.

51st (1-0). Thuram takes his chance from the left at a good twenty meters, but it flies away.

49th (1-0). We leave on the same physiognomy, with Bleuets trying to find the spaces facing a grouped block.

46th (1-0). It starts strong with a deep ball from Camavinga for Gouiri, whose center forces a Serbian defender to intervene … and pass close to an own goal.

46th (1-0). Here we go again in Grenoble!

45th+2 (1-0). It’s the break ! The France team leads logically against Serbia thanks to a goal from Thuram, which rewarded the offensive efforts of the Habs.

45th+1 (1-0). Two minutes of additional time in this first act.

44th (1-0). Thuram, who has scored four goals with Nice this season, opens his counter with the Espoirs.

42nd (1-0). BLUEBERRY GOAL! Ripoll’s men are rewarded for their efforts! On a perfect cross from Kalulu at the far post, Thuram gets rid of the marking to take over with an uncrossed header that ends in the opposite side netting!

38th (0-0). Caqueret still projects into the area to take back a cross from Ngoumou, but he adjusts his head badly.

35th (0-0). Kalimuendo tries from 30 meters from the left after a Serbian recovery error, but it’s far too soft.

33rd (0-0). Ngoumou makes the difference on the right and crosses for Gouiri, whose header goes past the goal.

32nd (0-0). Kalimuendo collapses in the area, struggling with his back to goal, but the referee does not flinch.

29th (0-0). Camavinga shows himself more and more and accelerates very strongly before serving Kalimuendo, who had made a cross call. The Lensois strikes in one touch in the area but it is above.

27th (0-0). Thuram wins in the air on this corner from Gouiri but his header escapes the frame.

26th (0-0). The pressure intensified and Caqueret, still close to the surface, took advantage of a serve from Gouiri to strike. It’s deflected for a corner.

24th (0-0). The danger is approaching on the Serbian cage, with a tackle from Bjekovic which sends the ball into the feet of Kalimuendo. His one-touch strike is caught by Gordic.

23rd (0-0). Yellow card for Rogan, guilty of a rough collision to stop Ngoumou on the counterattack.

22nd (0-0). Badiashile and Fofana team up to take over Pantovic, who had found a way to the surface.

21st (0-0). Another opportunity! Ngoumou strikes on the right and crosses at the first post where Caqueret takes over from a difficult angle. It’s right next !

18th (0-0). Ooh that’s hot! After a long phase of possession, Gouiri is found at the left corner of the surface and wraps a cross at the far post. Kalulu is slightly too short to frame his header!

16th (0-0). Big percussion from Thuram after a relay from Gouiri. But the young Nice pushes his ball slightly too much in the area and concedes the six meters.

13th (0-0). Very nice one-touch play from Les Bleuets in small spaces, between Gouiri, Caqueret and Kalimuendo, but the last pass from the Lyonnais was slightly too strong for the Lensois striker in the area.

10th (0-0). Bjekovic gets a first corner from the right side. It hangs in the area but the referee does not sanction Fofana, who is doing well.

8th (0-0). Thuram gets into a right shot position, 25 yards out, and misses the target by very little. First interesting situation.

7th (0-0). Gouiri fights well to get in the way of the game but the referee whistles a foul against the Niçois.

5th (0-0). Ripoll’s men rotate patiently against a very low block. We will have to be fair in small spaces.

3rd (0-0). The Serbs finally organize themselves with three central defenders, at least with the ball. Visitors give themselves a time of possession.

2nd (0-0). Les Bleuets set foot on the ball from the first seconds and set up their possession game.

Let’s go to the Stade des Alpes!

20h40 : The players entered the lawn, place to hymns.

20h35 : Seven matches, six wins, a single draw: Les Bleuets’ run in this group is almost perfect. Serbia still believes in second place.

20h30 : Les Bleuets are on a superb streak: six wins in a row, without taking a single goal, since a hitch against the Faroe Islands (1-1) in September.

20h23 : La Serbie se présentera également en 4-3-3 : Gordic – Bjekovic, Kamenovic, Drezgic, Rogan – Ivezic, Pantovic, Belic – Cirkovic, Ilic, Terzic.

20h20 : Sylvain Ripoll’s squad is still as well armed, with an eleven in 4-3-3 made up of players well known to the general public for the most part: Meslier – Kalulu, Fofana, Badiashile, Truffert – Thuram, Caqueret, Camavinga – Ngoumou, Kalimuendo, Gouiri.

20:15 : Les Bleuets are playing their qualification for the next Euro Espoirs. First in its group H, the France team is three points ahead of Ukraine, 2nd. After this meeting, he will have two matches left… including a trip to Ukraine on the last day.

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Hello everyone and welcome to for this live of the qualifying match for the Euro Espoirs between France and Serbia. The kick-off of this meeting will take place at 8:45 p.m., at the Stade des Alpes in Grenoble.


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