Foggia, published the announcement for the non-exclusive use of municipal sports facilities

The Municipality of Foggia has published a public notice for the assignment in non-exclusive and seasonal use, from September 2022 to June 2023, of nine sports facilities. These are the Palazzetto Russo and the Palazzetto Preziuso in via Guido Dorso, the Taralli gymnasium in via Carlo Baffi and the adjacent skating rink, the ‘Mondelli-Colella’ athletics field in viale degli Aviatori, the tensile structure of the Cep and the baseball field. in via Gramsci, Campo Rinaldi-Croci Nord in via Oberty and Campo Scirea Ulivi in ​​viale di Virgilio. To the list are added the school gyms for which the consent of the educational institutions will be acquired. The deadlines for submitting applications by companies, associations and sports bodies expire on 31 August.

On January 27, after 30 years, the extraordinary commission that manages the Municipality of Foggia approved a new ‘Regulation for the management and concession for the use of municipal sports facilities’. Its implementation is the responsibility of the Sport Service of the Municipality of Foggia. Until then, the use of sports facilities was governed by a regulation approved by the city council in October 1991. In terms of regulations, the commissioners are putting things in order even where they did not exist.

In the new regulation, municipal sports facilities are classified into sports facilities of entrepreneurial importance, which include only the municipal swimming pool in Viale Pinto and the Pino Zaccheria stadium, and facilities of no economic importance, which do not generate sufficient income to cover management costs. The list also includes the five-a-side football field of Parco San Felice, the Pantanella multi-sports facility, eight five-a-side football, tennis and bowls fields, between old and new, scattered on the outskirts, the premises of the sub-stage, the sports facility in via Oronzo Marangelli, the tennis sports center and the bowling club in via Scillitani, and the fencing building in viale Pinto.

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The new regulation foresees that a specific announcement is published every year for seasonal assignments. It is the Sport Service, now led by the manager Maria Concetta Valentino, that applies the scores and assigns the spaces. “Areas of use will not be assigned to those subjects who do not guarantee sporting activity for all children up to at least 14 years of age – the regulation reads – and that exclude the less talented without a justified reason “. Sub-assignment in use is prohibited.

For seasonal and temporary use assignments of municipal sports facilities, advance payment of the rates approved annually by the Municipal Administration is due. The 2022 tariff for the use of municipal sports facilities was approved on March 3, with the commissioner’s resolution relating to public services with individual demand.

Occasional and multi-year concession are also envisaged “If the sports club or the entrusted subject, in the project for the management of the sports facility, demonstrates that it intends to invest significant resources for the construction of restructuring, expansion or adaptation of the facility”.



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