Florencio Varela began the long road to the 2022 Bonaerense Games

The management of the mayor -Andrés Watson- facilitated all the logistics to promote the intervention of both neighbors under the premise of not only obtaining results, but ratifying sport plus culture as fundamental pillars of inclusion.

The President remarked that “they constituted essential elements to materialize upward social mobility, which, in addition, allowed the general development of the district.” “For this reason, from the Commune we diagram contributions with the mission of achieving the aforementioned objective,” he added.

In the Japanese Association, the Mayor witnessed the district instance of the multiple branches of athletics. “Girls and boys competed in the tests to advance to the regional one,” explained the highest authority in Florencio Varela, who expressed his desire to “be able to encourage them in a context of improvement, achievement of goals and enjoyment after hard work.”

Regarding the joint work with intermediate organizations, the head of the Executive indicated that “they accompanied the growth of the party. Its value was transcendental with an active collaboration available to the men and women of Varel”.

That scheme was replicated by schools and clubs: an indispensable communion for important circumstances. As a teacher at Secondary School No. 53 in Pista de Trote -Nancy- she trained 8 students “in the neighborhood soccer field that we borrowed because our patio was made of cement.”

Intermittently, they occupied the space that was key. “I just called the director to tell her that one of the kids came out first in her specialty; she replied: ‘To think that he was going to drop out of school,’” she recounted.

Regarding sport, the domestic competition registered an interesting number of registered men and women in Soccer 11, Handball, 3X3 Basketball, Volleyball, Chess, Athletics, Adapted Athletics, Hockey, Badminton, Beach Volleyball, among others.

The Undersecretary of Sports and Recreation -Adrián Renzini- emphasized the “number of athletes, similar to the pre-pandemic, who exhibited a great desire to compete after two years in which they did not have full development.”

Renzini described the turnout as “positive, because around 10,000 neighbors were part of the 2022 edition. It was a figure similar to that of 2019, when it was around 12,000 people.”

cultural potential

The House of Culture was once again the scene of the award ceremony in the local instance of the traditional provincial contest that stipulated the regional phase as the next stop on August 31 in Almirante Brown for a place in the final.

The distinctions covered various skills: Folk Dance, Malambo, Tango Dance, Vocal Soloist, Freestyle, Theater Dance, Stand Up, Rock Band and Cumbia Ensembles, among others.

Mauro Prado -deputy director of Visual Arts- considered it “proud to have excellent artists”. “We were able to meet again after two years of virtuality, with all the activities to later elect the representative of each one,” he stressed.

Later, he pointed out that “more than 500 participants passed through the renovated building. With great eagerness, they exhibited their talent in more than 20 categories.”

Valentino Maciel -guitarist of “Dejá Vu”- was one of the winners, along with his group, in the “Rock Bands” category. “A huge happiness to have been selected and with aspirations for the future. We got here very safe; therefore, witnessing this meant an achievement for us”, he revealed.

“That the Municipality has given us this opportunity was wonderful. Many of us who longed to make music did not have an instrument within reach, but here was the support, teachers and teachers who were always at the time of giving advice to progress, ”he narrated.



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