Final Four in Hamburg: HJT wants to use home advantage

Hamburg has been awarded the contract to host the final round of the Judo Bundesliga on November 19th. The Hamburg judo team prevailed with its application against the Judo Club Leipzig. “We have a new alignment team, which was able to show its professionalism in the two home days,” said President Rainer Ganschow. But he also emphasized: “Of course, we hope for generous support from the city of Hamburg for the financing, which we urgently need.”

In terms of sport, Ganschow sees his team well on the way to becoming Bundesliga champions for the fifth time. “The icing on the cake for this could be the home advantage,” he said, referring to the performance of the Hamburg team, which has won all four days of fighting this season. “The season is currently going according to plan. I assume that Hamburg, Witten, Abensberg and Leipzig will make up the medals among themselves. »

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