FINA prohibits Anita Álvarez from competing in the team final after her fainting and rescue in solo

FINA prohibits Anita Álvarez from competing in the team final after her fainting and rescue in solo


The American swimmer wanted to participate in the team final and had received the go-ahead from her Federation doctors.

Andrea Fuentes and a lifeguard rescued Anita Álvarez, last Wednesday.AFP

the american Anita Alvarez will not be able to participate in the team final at the World Cup in Budapest. FINA has not authorized the swimmer to compete again “for sports safety reasons” after the fainting spell he suffered last Wednesday after finishing his exercise in the solo final.

A faint that has gone around the world after his coach, the Spanish Andrea Fuenteshe would jump into the pool to rescue her in the face of the passivity of the lifeguards, waiting for a signal from the referees to enter the water.

“The team will participate in the team free event without Anita Álvarez. FINA has determined that she will not be allowed to compete for reasons of sports safety,” the American Federation said in a statement. “Anita has been thoroughly evaluated by a medical team and is healthy taking into account both the tests to which it was submitted previously and the current evaluations. He is doing well and thanks everyone for their support,” the statement continued.

The medical incident was shocking to all involved. We are, above all, grateful that Anita has no health problems. We hope that the global curiosity about this situation will be reflected in the global interest in our incredible sport and its amazing athletes.”

“Few apneas”

According to what Fuentes told EL MUNDO, in the hours after the fainting They did medical tests and no abnormality was detected., so Anita was in favor of competing. “You don’t want to leave here with a photo of her unconscious at the bottom of the water. Also, in the team routine, Anita does a lot of pirouettes and very few apneas, so she will surely compete,” Andrea assured.

The doctors of the American Federation had given the go-ahead for her to compete again and she wanted to participate, but it has been the International Federation that has vetoed her participation. Alvarez, who lost consciousness at the end of her individual exercise, she was on all the previous lists of the American team, but she has been replaced by Yujin Chang shortly before the start of the test.

The head of the championship medical services, Bela Merkelywas in favor of prudence, as expressed in the Hungarian media after the incident: “There are different types of athletes, and they handle the amounts of oxygen and carbon dioxide in different ways. Some are more sensitive and Anita is one of them. This sport is probably not for her.”

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