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16.02 Our LIVE LIVE ends here, with the assignment of the jersey or the tricolor body to Filippo Ganna. Thanks for joining us! Thanks to Virgilio Rossi for the updates from the route! We greet you and give you an appointment at the next live broadcast!

16.00 Another show of strength for Ganna. His victory was never truly undoubted along the way. Good second place for Cattaneo who exchanges positions with Affini compared to last year’s test. Outgoing Champion Matteo Sobrero was a little subdued, at the end of the fourth quarter at almost 1 ‘from the winner.

15.58 Virgilio Rossi sends us the final classification, with the official times:

  1. Filippo Ganna – 40’29 “10
  2. Mattia Cattaneo – 41’05 ”68
  3. Edoardo Affini – 41’19 “19
  4. Matteo Sobrero – 41’25 ”45
  5. Filippo Baroncini – 42’03 “37
  6. Alessandro de Marchi – 42’30 ”67
  7. Antonio Tiberi – 42’39 “97
  8. Daniel Oss – 43’30”67
  9. Kevin Colleoni – 43’31 “02
  10. Samuele Rivi – 43’34 “13

15.55 The only one to be close to him in the intermediate was Cattaneo who could not keep up with the pace of the INEOS rider in the second part!

15.54 Incredible performance as always for what is the best interpreter in the world of the specialty! Third time tricolor after the claims of 2019 and 2020!


15.52 And in fact Matteo Sobrero is fourth with almost 1 ‘of lead!

15.51 Sobrero is still missing, but Ganna’s time seems frankly unbeatable!

15.50 GANNAAAAAA! Crazy time for the Verbanese! 40’29 “10! He has gained over 30 ”on Cattaneo in the last 17 km!

15.48 Edoardo Affini is in second place who has recovered a few seconds on Cattaneo in the last part.

15.47 BEST TIME FOR CATTANEO! The Quick-Step rider concludes his test with a resounding 41’05 ”68, lowering Baroncini’s time by almost a minute!

15.45 Tiberi is immediately ousted by Alessandro de Marchi, who is 9 ”better than him.

15.43 Antonio Tiberi arrives and finishes in provisional second place, 36 ”behind his teammate Baroncini.

15.41 Next to the finish line Antonio Tiberi and Alessandro de Marchi, respectively seventh and sixth halfway through the race.

15.39 For now, only Cattaneo has managed to stay close to the World Champion! Let’s see if things will change in this second phase. We remind you that after 28 km there is a short but rather hard climb towards the Abbey of Rosazzo.

15.38 The following is the top 5 of the intermediate passages, at km 18. The data are provided by Virgilio Rossi:

  1. Filippo Ganna – 21’07 “91
  2. Mattia Cattaneo – 21’12 ”27
  3. Matteo Sobrero – 21’31 ”62
  4. Edoardo Affini – 21’32 ”79
  5. Filippo Baroncini – 22’08 “55

15.36 Really a very good test for Baroncini, who confirms himself as a versatile and complete athlete.

15.35 Let’s recap the current best times at the finish, now that Filippo Baroncini has passed, scoring the best result:

  1. Filippo Baroncini – 42’03 “37
  2. Daniel Oss – 43’30”67
  3. Kevin Colleoni – 43’31 “02

15.32 Sobrero also passes! His time is high compared to Ganna and Cattaneo! He gets just in front of Affini with 21’31 ”62

15.31 Edoardo Affini scored a 21’32 ”, far from the best.

15.30 FILIPPO GANNA SCORES THE BEST INTERTIME! Virgilio Rossi tells us about his 21’07 “with which he puts himself 5” in front of a wild Cattaneo!

15.27 Third place in the intermediate instead for Alessandro de Marchi.

15.27 The times of the great protagonists begin to arrive! Mattia Cattaneo crumbles the best split time scoring 21’12 ”27!

15.25 Second time at km 18 for Tiberi! His passage is at 22’21 “.

15.23 Recall the best intermediate steps so far:

  1. Filippo Baroncici 22’08 “55
  2. Samuele Rivi – 22’28’81
  3. Kevin Colleoni – 22’37 ”00
  4. Daniel Oss – 22’45”55
  5. Simone Bevilacqua – 22’52 ”12

15.21 Virgilio Rossi tells us that the time at the finish has been further lowered by Colleoni! The new reference is 43’31 ”02!

15.20 Simone Bevilacqua immediately does better than him! 44’00 ”65 the new best time.

15.18 Here is the first reference time on the finish line! Riccardo Lucca ends his test in 45’09 ”.

15.16 On the other hand, the time of Oss is high. 22’45 “55 for him.

15.15 New best time in the intermediate! Virgilio Rossi signals the passage of Filippo Baroncini in 22’08 ”55!

15.13 Soon we will have the final times of the first riders to start.

15.11 At the moment, therefore, the best times at km 18 are as follows:

  1. Samuele Rivi – 22’28’81
  2. Kevin Colleoni – 22’37 ”00
  3. Simone Bevilacqua – 22’52 ”12

15.08 SOBRERO PART! With the outgoing Champion, the starts are complete!

15.07 From the route Virgilio Rossi informs us that at the passage over the 18 km, Samuele Rivi was able to do 22’28 ”81, thus placing himself in the lead!


15.06 Davide Bais and Simone Ravanelli fail to lower the best intermediate time, placing themselves in third and fourth place.

15.05 Only the two most anticipated riders are missing: Filippo Ganna and Matteo Sobrero!

15.04 Edoardo Affini starts!

15.03 The heavy departures begin. After Alessandro De Marchi (Israel Premier Tech) it was the turn of Mattia Cattaneo (QuickStep)

15.02 Virgilio Rossi informs us that Kevin Colleoni has further lowered the best intermediate time bringing it to 22’37 “.00!

14.59 Filippo Tagliani (Drone Hopper Androni) and Antonio Tiberi (TrekSegafredo) also left. Great curiosity for the latter, one of the purest talents among young Italians, as well as World Time Trial Champion among juniors in 2019.

14.58 Riccardo Lucca passes at km 18 setting a time of 23’36 ”52. Simone Bevilacqua does better than him with 22’52 ”12.

14.55 Manuele Tarozzi (Bardiani CSF) and Mirco Maestri (Eolo Kometa) will also be on the track.

14.53 The moment of the first timing for the first starters is approaching.

14.50 The most interesting departures are approaching. Mattia Bais (Drone Hopper Androni) and Daniel Oss (TotalEnergies) left. Now it’s the turn of Filippo Baroncini of TrekSegafredo. It will be interesting to see how the 2021 U23 World Champion behaves.

14.47 As Virgilio Rossi, who is on the course, informs us, in the meantime Davide Piganzoli has graduated as U23 Italian Champion.

14.44 Departures continue to follow one another in San Giovanni al Natisone. The test of Samuele Rivi (Eolo Kometa), Umberto Marengo (Drone Hopper Androni) and Alessandro Santaromita (Bardiani CSF) has begun

14.41 The big names, the big favorites, will be the last to start. From the young Antonio TIberi who will start at 14.58, up to Matteo Sobrero, outgoing champion who will start at 15.08. In the middle Mattia Cattaneo, Edoardo Affini and the most awaited man: Filippo Ganna.

14.39 The time trial also started for Davide Bais (Eolo Kometa) and Simone Ravanelli (Drone Hopper Androni)

14.38 The intermediate is located at km 18, substantially halfway through the test.

14.36 The test of Simone Bevilacqua (Eolo Kometa) and Kevin Colleoni (Bike Exchange) also started

14.34 The route measures 35.6 km and is almost completely flat. The only roughness is placed in the second part, a short climb of about 1 km with quite challenging slopes. However, it remains a track by great specialists.

14.32 The first athlete on the list has just started: Riccardo Lucca (Work Service Vitalcare Vega).

2.30 pm Friends of OA Sport, cycling enthusiasts, good morning and welcome to LIVE LIVE of the Time Trial reserved for Elite men of the Italian Road Cycling Championships 2022!

Friends of OA Sport, cycling enthusiasts, good morning and welcome to LIVE LIVE of the Time Trial reserved for Elite men of the Italian Road Cycling Championships 2022! Today the tricolor is awarded among the great specialists of the tests against the time!

If the Italian movement has not been able to produce riders from major stage races in recent years, the same certainly cannot be said for the time trials. The quality of the starting list is in fact very high, starting inevitably with the World Champion Filippo Ganna.

The Verbanese will try to take back the title won in 2019 and 2020 to put on the tricolor body that has been on the shoulders of Matteo Sobrero. The Piedmontese is again among the favorites today, also and above all in light of the dominance shown in the last stage of the Giro d’Italia. Among the most anticipated men too Edoardo Affini and Mattia Cattaneo.

It starts at 2.30 pm on the 35 km route of San Giovanni al Natisone. After a long first part completely flat and full of straights where they can do great speed, the runners will have to face a tear in the final towards the Abbey of Rosazzo. After the brow, short descent and entrance to the Velodrome for the finish. OA Sport offers you LIVE LIVE with minute-by-minute updates in real time, don’t miss it!

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