FIFA: Colombia National Team continues in its top 20 of the best | National teams

After a month of much international activity, the update in the ranking of international teams was released. Brazil remains at the forefront of the world rankings FIFA in front of Belgiumwhile Argentina get on the podium and Columbia stands.

After a very intense month in terms of national team matches, Brazil slightly increased their lead. Now he has 1837.56 points, for the 1821.92 of the Spaniard’s Belgium Robert Martinez. The good moment of the Albiceleste of Lionel Scaloni is reflected in its growth. She is already third with 1770.65 points, surpassing France (1764.85).

EnglandDespite his poor performance in the League of Nationsremains fifth (1737.46). spainwith 1716.93 points, progresses to sixth place, which snatches Italia (1713.86), now seventh, ahead of Netherlands (1679.41), which removes eighth place from Portugal (1678.65).

Denmarkone of the teams that is leaving the best sensations in recent times, rises to tenth place, and Germany to the eleventh to the detriment of Mexico, twelfth after dropping three positions. Uruguay remains thirteenth.

Colombia played a tough duel in these weeks of activity and it was a narrow victory against Saudi Arabia. This put the selected Nestor Lawrence con 1,604.07 pointsthus keeping the box 17 of the listing. In spite of everything, the National Team continues to be top-20 and is the fourth best placed in South America.

See here the classification:

Ranking FIFA

1. Brazil 1837.56
2. Belgium 1821.92
3. Argentina 1770.65
4. France 1764.85
5. England 1737.46
6. Spain 1716.93
7. Italia 1713.86
.8. Netherlands 1679.41
9. Portugal 1678.65
10. Denmark 1665.47

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12. Mexico 1649.57
13. Uruguay 1643.71
17. Colombia 1604.07
21. Peru 1562.24
29. Chile 1514.86
34. Costa Rica 1500.06
44. Ecuador 1463.74
50. Paraguay 1440.13
56. Venezuela 1405.17
81. Bolivia 1298.81



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