FIBS is the first Sports Federation in Italy and in the world to activate its own Honor Club open to individuals and companies, releasing new generation non-fungible tokens.


FIBS is the first Sports Federation in Italy and in the world to activate its own Honor Club open to individuals and companies, releasing new generation non-fungible tokens.


The Italian Baseball Softball Federation (FIBS) opens its Honor Club today, 20 June 2022, with the issue of its first Official Tokens. The FIBS Honor Club registers the people and organizations that support the values ​​and institutional activities of the Italian Baseball Softball Federation with their own name and contribution.

Official Tokens are new generation non-fungible tokens, made unique and nominative by a personal authentication QR code, registered on an encrypted ledger certifying membership in the FIBS Honor Club.

Andrea Marcon, President of FIBS, announced today the initiative: “The Italian Baseball Softball Federation, founded in 1948, is the first Federation to inaugurate its Honor Club. Our Honor Club is dedicated to all people and businesses that they share the values ​​of sport and that from today have the opportunity to celebrate and exhibit their passion by sharing the Official Token issued by the Italian Baseball Softball Federation. We are proud to be able to offer the public the opportunity to participate in our institutional activities, in support of our values ​​and our movement. It’s simple, you just need to register at the issuing site to enter directly into our Blue Roster, in the history of baseball and softball in Italy. “

Giampiero Curti, FIBS Secretary General, declared: “With the FIBS Honor Club and with the distribution of our first Official Tokens we want to involve our entire audience: women and men, players and non-players, families and businesses, athletes and enthusiasts. We also want to attract the new audience of digital, mobile and social natives. All the profits deriving from the registration of the Members of the Honor Club are used by the Italian Baseball Softball Federation in the development of its institutional activities

aimed at promoting the diffusion of the practice of Baseball and Softball and the organization of sporting and competitive activities. “

“The FIBS Honor Club – added Marco Landi, FIBS Marketing Director – issues our first Official Token to each member. A non-fungible, digital, original and nominative Token, registered and authenticated in a centralized cryptographic ledger, certifying the successful registration to our Blue Roster. An innovative, pure and sustainable solution, which has the double advantage of not requiring the use of speculative cryptocurrencies and of not impacting the environment with the energy consumption typical of traditional blockchains. “

Francesco Guido Bonetti, President of Innova et Bella, the professional services company appointed as Arranger for the issue of FIBS Honor Club Tokens, testified: “The new blockchain technologies, the cryptographic ledgers and the related Tokens allow each person and each company to multiply their relationship skills in the metaverse of sport. FIBS is the first Italian Sports Federation to activate today the most authentic, simple and immediate interpretation. All you have to do is enter your name in his Honor Club to forever testify, in the security of the encrypted ledger, your passion and contribution to the values ​​of sport, baseball and softball. “

To register for the Honor Club and receive your Token, you can connect to the issue portal ( Subscribers will be able to keep their personal tokens on smartphones, tablets or computers and share them on their favorite websites and social networks.

The FIBS will allocate all the profits resulting from the registration services to its Honor Club to support its institutional activities in favor of its members and to the promotion of baseball and softball with particular attention to the training of young sportsmen.


FIBS | Italian Softball Baseball Federation (, founded in 1948 in Milan, aims to promote the maximum diffusion of the practice of Baseball and Softball with particular reference to youth sport, in compliance with the principles shared in the Olympic Charter. He presides over the organization of sporting activities in Italy and develops international competitive activity by coordinating the activities of all the national representatives. It develops sports for the disabled in compliance with the principles of the International Paralympic Committee. It fights exclusion, inequalities, racism, xenophobia and all forms of violence.

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