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Relocated since 2015 to the regions (due to stadium modernization works), the French Championshipssupported by BNP Paribas and Wilson, are making their big comeback this year at the stade Roland-Garros. The first session of this 2022 edition, which includes the senior categories over 35 to 80 years old, will take place from June 21 to July 9.

Gilles Moretton and Amélie Mauresmo, the results of Roland 2022

17 events and 71 titles of champion and champion of France

From Tuesday, June 21, the categories 75/80 years old men, 65/70 years old women and the national challenge 80 years old women will launch this event. This first session will continue with the entry into the running of the categories “65/70 years old gentlemen”, “55/60 years old”, “45/50 years old”, “35/40 years old”. The second session will take place from August 12 to 28. Comprising 17 events and awarding a total of 71 titles of champion and champion of France, the French Championships are simply the most important national competitions.

Heart aces set up

To Note that BNP Paribaspartner of French Championshipsrenewed this year its solidarity initiative “Les Aces du Coeur”. As for professionals (during Roland-Garrosl‘Open 13l’Lyon Open Park or even the Moselle Open), tAll amateur players will thus see each of their aces counted and monetized up to 10 euros, for the benefit of the association Les Apprentis d’Auteuil, which fights for the inclusion of young people.

The calendar of events for the 2022 French Championships

1time session (from Tuesday, June 21 to July 9)
– 35/40 years old Ladies: from Sunday 3 to Thursday 7 July
– 35/40 years old Gentlemen: from Tuesday 5 to Saturday 9 July
– 45 years old Ladies: from Monday 27 June to Friday 1is July
– 45 years old Gentlemen: from Thursday 23 to Monday 27 June
50 years old Ladies: from Sunday 26 June to Friday 1is July
50 years Gentlemen: from Wednesday June 22 to Monday June 27
55/60 years old Ladies: from friday 1is to Wednesday July 6
55/60 years Gentlemen: from Wednesday 29 June to Monday 4 July
– 65/70 years old Ladies:
from Tuesday 21 to Sunday 26 June
– 65/70 years Gentlemen: from Friday 24 to Wednesday 29 June
– 75 years old Ladies: from Saturday 25 to Thursday 30 June
– 75/80 years old gentlemen
: from Tuesday 21 to Sunday 26 June
– Challenge National 80 ans dames : from Tuesday 21 to Saturday 25 June

2e session (August 12 to 28)
– 15/16 ans : from Friday 12 to Tuesday 16 August
– 17/18 ans : from Tuesday 16 to Saturday 20 August
– 4e series/NC : from Wednesday 24 to Sunday 28 August
– 3e series : from Thursday 18 to Monday 22 August
– 2e series :
from Sunday 21 to Friday 26 August

– 12 ans : from Wednesday 23 to Sunday 27 November in Rouen
– 13/14 ans : from Saturday 19 to Wednesday 23 November in Rouen

All information relating to the 2022 Individual French Championships is available on the dedicated FFT website :



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