Ferran Torres hopes that with the arrival of Lewandowski he will be relieved of pressure

BarcelonaFerran Torres, like most of Barça’s dressing rooms, had a very long end to the season. The elimination against Eintracht Frankfurt in a Dantesque match at the Camp Nou and the subsequent comeback, just three days later, of Real Madrid in added time to Sánchez Pizjuán, deactivated the Barça dressing room, which saw its exhausted real options to close the course with some title. The lack of goals when there were still almost two months of competition ahead and to see how the balloon of excitement that had led to the landing of Xavi Hernandez – who had his highest point with the 0-4 at the Santiago Bernabéu – drew a disappointing end to the school year.

In this scenario of general blackout of the team, Ferran Torres was one of the focus of criticism. “He is the first to know that his performance was not good at the end of the season,” they explain from the player’s environment, while recalling that the last week of competition, with the call with the Spanish team, it was also a burden for a footballer who “needed a vacation”. The Valencian striker is no stranger to the criticism received, especially those related to the lack of success in goal, but also believes that his arrival at Barça should be put into perspective. “I already knew it wouldn’t be easy, but after three months injured he went on to play almost everything in a context marked by emergencies: there was no room for error because the team was struggling to get into the Champions League places. all this, he had to do the preseason on the grass, “they argue from around the Foios player.

Ferran Torres needed to “mentally disconnect and rest his legs.” This is also what Xavi conveyed to him when it ended this season. The Egarenco coach is also aware that the former City player was required to perform immediately, giving him a leading role from the outset. It is also the message that people caught, after closing their purchase for 55 million euros more variable. The Barça coach was the main forerunner of his arrival; he called him often to close his arrival when Ferran was still a player on the set citizen. For its part, the English set did not have many inconveniences in negotiating its sale.

Discharge the scoring pressure

Now, after a few months at Barça, Ferran is “very motivated” to be able to start his first year as a Barça player from the start. He knows that Xavi maintains his confidence in him and trusts to progress with the Egarenco coach. In other words, the Valencian winger is still seen as a starter, regardless of whether Ousmane Dembélé –direct competition– ends up staying on the team as it seems. The former City and Valencia player would also celebrate the arrival of one us of the area like Robert Lewandowski, because he considers that this would help him get over the magnifying glass with respect to his goal-scoring figures that has accompanied him since he arrived at Barça.

During the season, Xavi has not tired of publicly defending the rest of the things that Ferran brings to the team beyond the goal, but the lack of effectiveness has been one of the main slabs of the striker since his arrival. In the 26 games he has played for Barça he has scored seven goals and given six assists. Dembélé, on the other hand, has only scored two goals in the entire course (32 games), but it is true that the Frenchman has distributed 13 assists: the player who has served the most in the entire Spanish League. As reference matches, Ferran is marked by the duel at the Bernabéu, in which he scored and attended (although he also squandered some clear opportunities) and also the match against Napoli at the Camp Nou, a match in which he generated several occasions. of danger but in which it returned to run into with the inaccuracy of face to goal (it marked of penalty). That day he ended up frustrated, crying on the grass.

Pedri, recovered at 100%

In the most difficult moments, Ferran has good friends in the locker room. Like Pedri, with whom he also shares a dressing room for the Spanish team and they have the same representation agency. They both want to play together again, after a season in which the canary has been burdened by injuries. Pedri, according to his surroundings, “is already 100%”: “If the pre-season had started a week ago, he would have been like one more in the group”. In fact, he could have even gone to the last call-up of the Spanish national team or returned before the end of Barça’s season. But both the Barça team, which has not played anything in recent games, and the national team, considered that, in no case, it was necessary to run.



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